Avellino-Benevento, it’s only a matter of time. Ancona, a sad epilogue to one of the most famous

Today’s editorial starts with the usual bad news we often read these days. We haven’t even had time to officially end the season when there is already a club, glorious among other things, that risks saying goodbye to professionalism; This is Ancona Calcio, which, having avoided relegation at the last minute, also thanks to the good influence of Mr. Boscaglia, failed the Co.vi.Soc exam due to non-payment of player salaries. It is truly incredible that in the third series there are still presidents whose salaries do not match those of their members, we have always said that registration criteria should be so stringent as to force clubs to provide guarantees in the medium term. so as not to spend the summer between appeals, consolation speeches, courtrooms, crying fans and professionals who suddenly find themselves without a job and without a contract. The municipal administration is right to demand clarity: it appears that some of the now-old properties disappeared without answering the phone, while others tried to salvage what they could salvage despite the deadline. If there were opportunities, why did they wait until the last second? Really a shame. Even in Lecco we have gone from riches to rags, thanks to the last minute registration of Aliberti and a president who is on television attacking many colleagues and the system, publicly declaring that he has run out of money. Therefore, the natural question is: what kind of championship will this team have? In what spirit will the coach or athletic director negotiate the hiring? A truly paradoxical situation, if you remember that a year ago Lecco defeated the competition and won the playoffs. Speaking of the playoffs, the final leg of the first leg between Vicenza and Carrarese ended 0-0 in a stadium full of families and children. Vecchi’s side defended tightly and were organized in midfield, but scored just two goals in four playoff matches despite being more physically rested. An aspect that needs to be worked on given the second leg next Sunday at a stadium where the home side have won almost every time since Calabro came on the bench.

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