Athletistic/Football. PSG expects goalkeeper Matvey Safonov to arrive by July 15, when the team’s training camp begins, despite the player being banned from leaving Russia. This was reported by a source close to the matter in an interview with Championship.

“PSG was aware of Safonov’s situation with his ex-wife. This never called the transfer into question. The club intends to finalize the deal,” the source added.

Previously it became known that Safonov did not have the right to leave Russia due to alimony arrears. According to media reports, the decision to ban the trip was made on June 6, 2024. In February of the same year, Safonov lost the case against his ex-wife, from whom he divorced in 2021. The court ordered Matvey to pay a quarter of his income as alimony. Initially, it amounted to about 17 million rubles, but later, after recalculation, the debt increased to 60 million.

  • We learned under what conditions the restriction on leaving Russia could be lifted for Safonov