“We have the most pressing team, we attack boldly. Reaching the First League is our common achievement” – head coach of Chaika Pyatibratov

The head coach “Seagulls” Dmitri Pyatibratov told that reaching the MELBET First League is the merit of all players and specialists working in the team.

In the match of the final round of the “gold” division of the LEON-Second “A” League, Chaika defeated Novosibirsk on the road with a score of 3:0. Peschanokopsky’s team scored 31 points and moved directly from second place to the First League with Ufa (33 points), which won the gold medal. Pyatibratov directed Chaika at the end of 2023.

— I knew the abilities of our players well. When I got an offer from Chaika, I had already studied the guys and knew their style. I just needed to be inside to understand how to best take advantage of their qualities. I knew the path, I had to travel it quickly, quickly. I had to work a lot. I thank the players for immediately accepting our requests. I would like to highlight the fantastic work of the entire technical staff. The team fought for its survival in the first part of the championship, but with our arrival the situation changed. It’s a great honor for the whole team.

— In early May, Chaika lost 0:5 to Chelyabinsk and you made an emotional statement that the team could withdraw from the championship. what was that?

“I completely understood that this was an extraordinary event. We played in the minority. In addition, I deliberately gave the players in the starting lineup a rest, we released the young players, so we experienced defeat. We were in difficult conditions: a triple outing. Despite the fact that we have the most complex logistics in the country. We have trained the least; we couldn’t put in the workload.

Our president supports the team with all his heart and spends his money. There was an emotional outburst on my part to have this situation noticed. Naturally, I would not make the decision to act. But our president never utters such serious words. I’m sure he had his reasons for that. As a coach, I was putting that out there and I had to take it to the masses.

Of course, I wouldn’t want the Chaika project to be closed. I saw the power of the team, its capabilities. She can play precise attacking football. At the moment, Chaika is the most pressing team in the league, we attack boldly, and today’s match against Novosibirsk is proof of this. We were happy with the draw, but we solved all the problems in the first 20 minutes: we suppressed the opponent with aggression and pressure. I thank the players for doing a fantastic job and believing in what we are offering.

After all, a coach can be hostage to his own illusions. Everyone wants to play like Barcelona at their best – trying to control the ball. We walked away from a barren property. Our philosophy is to deliver the ball into the opponent’s goal as quickly as possible, put pressure on our defenders and constantly increase the tempo. We were able to demonstrate our best qualities in the shortest possible time because we understood how to influence players. I’ve seen them before, I should have placed them correctly. As a result, Chaika played with the same lineup as in the fall, but changed the positions of a number of players. The players have progressed under our leadership. Their merit in reaching the First League is very great,” Pyatibratov told .

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Source : MatchTV

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