Athletistic/Football. Former Russian footballer Sergei Kiryakov shared his opinion on the level of the Russian national team’s opponents. Recall that on June 7 the Russian team beat Belarus with a score of 4:0.

“The match against the Belarusians was quite simple for our team. However, it is worth noting that the players were in a pre-vacation state, so it is difficult to draw serious conclusions. Ending the season with a victory is of course a good thing. But the level of the Belarusian national team, in my opinion, is not so high.

However, I am happy for our team, for the work done. With each match, players gain experience, which is very important. Now the circle of candidates has become smaller. If before we saw a lot of newcomers, the national team is now starting to acquire a certain structure. It is clear that the players want to show results. They understand what is expected of them. Naturally, in our current situation we are limited in the choice of opponents, but even in this situation it is important to play with stronger teams,” Kiryakov commented in an interview with a “Championship” correspondent.

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