In a press conference, Gallo does the math for access and criticizes Patati: “He was fined”

Experiencing a sequence of defeats in Series B, Santos’ football director, Alexandre Gallo, does the math for access and criticizes a photo of Weslley Patati

After several criticisms for the bad phase in Series B of the Brazilian Championship, the football director of Santos, Alexandre Gallo decided to hold a press conference to comment on the journalists’ doubts. On that occasion, the leader seemed calm about access, making calculations, in addition to revealing the punishment for Wesley Patati after publication on social media.

With 17 wins, you move up. We already have five. We made reports. Up to 12 defeats, several teams have already moved up. They always went up with 17 wins. Average of 62 or 63 points. We’re going to fight a lot about this. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a cast as focused as this one.“, said Gallo on the bills for the return to the national elite.

Furthermore, the manager also revealed that he had fined young Weslley Patati for a post on social media after a game against Novorizontino. The athlete complained about the six-hour bus journey, but was reprimanded and Gallo explained Peixe’s conditions for this to have been done.

I was woken up about this Patati issue by sending the news. He was fined 10% of his salary. It was communicated. They dishonored Santos’ shirt last year. We try to make the best logistics possible. What we need to understand: we are living in Series B. This type of situation will happen. Our bus is comfortable. It has all possible conditions. At times, on and off the field, we need to understand that we play in Series B“, he revealed.

All the pressure on the club is due to Santos’ sequence of four consecutive defeats in Series B and their descent in the table to fourth place. Still, the management does not think about exchanging the technical command of Fábio Carille and appears calm with a view to returning to Serie A next season.

Source: sportbuzz

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