Semshov does not consider Spain as favorite for EURO 2024 football

Semshov does not consider Spain as favorite for EURO 2024 football

Former Russian national footballer Igor Semchov on he said he didn’t think Spain national team favorite for the European Championship.

Spain beat Croatia 3-0 in the Group B match in Berlin.

— For me, the number one favorite is Germany, the French team is number two. I think one of them will win the title. Spain, even after beating Croatia, is not my favorite. Once again, a weak performance from Croatia compared to Spain. If Spain find themselves under a stronger team, where they will not only have to possess the ball, but also win it back, then they could be in trouble. Spain has young footballers who are still psychologically unstable: they may or may not play. It’s no longer the same team as in 2008, 2010 and 2012. Now, the generations overlap and the compositions change all the time. This is a small minus for Spain,” Semshov said on the air of the program “Everyone for the match! on the channel.

The Spanish national team will face the Italian team in the second round on June 20.

The channel exclusively broadcasts 34 matches of the European Championship in Germany, the remaining 17 matches will be available for recording on the Match family channels! Additionally, on resources you can watch the best moments of all EURO 2024 football matches.

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Source : MatchTV

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