With two goals disallowed, Belgium loses to Slovakia in the Euro

With two goals disallowed, Belgium loses to Slovakia in the Euro

This Monday, the 17th, Belgium stumbled against Slovakia, with a score of 1-0, and had two goals from Lukaku disallowed

This Monday, 17th, Slovakia It is Belgium faced each other in the first round of the group stage of the Eurocup. The Belgians were behind on the scoreboard for a long time, until Lukaku scored twice in the second half, but had both goals disallowed and did not prevent the defeat in the debut.

Belgium started the first half pressing, abusing the speed of Doku and looking for Lukaku’s reference in the attack. However, despite initial pressure, the Belgians were unable to open the scoring and, with a mistake on the ball, gave Slovakia an opening to take the lead.

At seven minutes, Schranz He took advantage of Doku’s wrong pass and sent it into the goal. Afterwards, Belgium went in search of a draw in the first stage, but was unsuccessful. Romelu Lukaku had at least two important chances to leave everything equal, but he ended up wasting it. Interval! 1 to 0.

The second half started very open, with Belgium attacking and opening spaces for their opponents to counterattack. Until, in the 10th minute, Lukaku scored for the Belgians, but the goal was disallowed for offside, with the help of semi-automatic VAR technology.

Doku in action against Slovakia (Credit: Getty Images)

The Belgian pressure continued, but Slovakia’s defense was very well positioned and gave little space to the opponents. At 40′, Lukaku found the net again, which was canceled again due to a touch on the hand. With this, the Slovakians managed to hold on to the result, despite all the difficulties, and secured a historic victory in the Euros. End of the game! 1 to 0.

Source: sportbuzz

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