Sabo: The Ukrainian national team lost the first half tactically and did not create a single scoring chance

Sabo: The Ukrainian national team lost the first half tactically and did not create a single scoring chance

Former coach criticized players for lack of aggression

Former coach of Dynamo and the Ukrainian national team Jozsef Szabo criticized the performance of the national team in the match with Romania (0:3) in the first round of Group E at European Championship 2024.

“Terrible mood after the game. Making so many mistakes, like the Ukrainian national team did… Did they think they had already caught God by the beard?” said Szabo.

“We lost tactically in the first half. The Romanians gave us the ball and as soon as we moved into their half of the field, they began to put pressure. The Ukrainian team did not have a single scoring chance. Just two shots on goal and that’s it.”

“I didn’t watch the match to the end because there was nothing to look at. The skill level of our players is lower than in Europe.”

“Lunin considers himself a great goalkeeper? Kick the ball somewhere when there is a difficult episode, and he wants to give it to his own. He gave it away – they immediately attacked and scored… Where did he kick it? This goal is his mistake. Lunin missed the third goal under his hands… Why say that he is better than Courtois? Lunin needs to leave Real Madrid, or he will sit on the bench and receive these millions.

“Sudakov: they say European clubs are watching him, but did you see Sudakov in this match? He must play the game, be active. What is the result? Nothing! I don’t know why they want to buy it.”

“Tsygankov is absolutely terrible. I don’t know who wants to buy it. Dovbik didn’t show himself either. Although someone from the Ukrainian team had to show their level. Nobody did this.”

“Mudrik is also zero. When playing in the Premier League, you need to show your class, just like Tsygankov and Dovbik in La Liga.”

“Football is an aggressive sport. Our collections of aggression have zero point and zero tenths. I was torn on the field when I played and something didn’t work out. If you ask these guys if they wanted to win today, what will they say? They rolled the ball over in their own half. It turns out that the coach of the Romanian national team, Yordenescu, tactically outplayed Rebrov.”

“Next game with Slovakia? The main thing is that the back is secure and calm, and then we can somehow play on counterattacks, because we can’t attack.”

The Romanians won the first half minimally after intercepting Andrei Lunin’s pass from their goal, and immediately after the break they struck a double blow. First, Edward Yordenescu’s team carried out a counterattack, and then achieved defeat after winning the ball from a corner with the inexplicable passivity of the Ukrainian defense. Zinchenko played the entire game as a left back.

The match against Romania was the 12th for Ukraine in the finals of the European Championship. The blue-and-yellows suffered their ninth defeat, and they invariably lost in each of the matches. Moreover: for the second forum in a row, the Ukrainian team missed three times in the opening match.

In the second round, Ukraine will play against Slovakia on June 21. In the final match of the group stage, Rebrov’s team will meet Belgium on June 26.

Source: Sportarena

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