Galo director goes to the press conference, criticizes referee and asks for criteria: “Regrettable”

Galo director goes to the press conference, criticizes referee and asks for criteria: “Regrettable”

Former player and current director of Atlético-MG, Victor Bagy, went to the press conference to complain about the arbitration after defeat by the Brasileirão

The press conference of the Atlético-MG after being defeated by Palm treesfor the Brasileirão, was attended by the coach, Gabriel Militoand the football director, Victor Bagy. On that occasion, the top hat appeared to comment and complain about the referee’s performanceRodrigo José Pereira Lima and your team.

It’s unfortunate that in each round the protagonism comes in a negative way. Every round they sit down to talk to comment on refereeing performance when the leading role should belong to the players. Even more so today, if not more important, one of the most important of the round, such a contested arbitration“, stated Victor.

The entire complaint was due to the expulsion of Hulk, still 30 minutes into the first half, which was heavily contested by the Minas Gerais team. At the press conference, the director recalled a problem that the match’s main referee had with his team’s number 7, asking him to stay out of their games.

I ask those who appoint referees for each round to be sensitive. This is the same referee who had a problem with Hulk less than a year ago, in América. Did the Hulk’s expulsion have no personal order? I’ve seen the images several times and I can’t understand it, I recognize when there is an error, I charge for it, and today I can’t see it. There was a weight to the match“, he added.

Hulk in action for Atlético-MG – Flickr Atlético / Pedro Souza

After the game, Rodrigo Lima said in summary that the player said: “Whistle soon, dammit“, and continued: “he walked towards me abruptly, standing face to face and shouting disrespectfully”. Furthermore, Hulk also commented on the move, stating that he had asked why he had received the yellow card.

Source: sportbuzz

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