judge explains Hulk’s expulsion

judge explains Hulk’s expulsion

Rodrigo José Pereira de Lima, responsible for refereeing Atlético-MG x Palmeiras in the Brasileirão, spoke about Hulk and the red card suffered by the athlete

This Monday, the 17th, the arbitration generated controversy in Atlético-MG x Palmeirasfor the Brasileirão. HulkGalo’s star, was sent off in the first half, in the 31st minute, due to two yellow cards he received for complaining.

On the scoresheet, referee Rodrigo José Pereira de Lima reported that the attacker sounded threatening and disapproved of the referee’s decisions, which led to the first yellow card. “Blow the whistle, dammit!”Hulk reportedly said after a free kick in favor of Atlético.

The number 7 continued with his complaints and was ejected from the match. He walked towards the referee repeatedly asking “why the card”. When he left the pitch for good, he called the judge a “son of a b*tch” and criticized the decisions on the field in front of the broadcast camera.

Source: sportbuzz

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