Athletistic/Football. Former Russian footballer Dmitry Bulykin expressed his opinion on big transfers and high salaries at Zenit.

“As for Glushenkov’s possible earnings of a billion rubles at Zenit, you need to contact the club or Gazprom about this. Why do you need this kind of money. I doubt that Glushenkov can significantly change the situation at Zenit and make it much stronger? than other commands

Of course, this spoils football, but Zenit, with its budget, can do whatever it wants. For them, the main thing is the championship, while Russian football suffers and does not develop properly, especially when we are excluded from international matches. This period could be an opportunity for our football to develop a new generation of young talents. But only a few clubs are thinking about it, while the others continue to maintain the status quo. There is no progress.

Of course, in Europe no one would pay Glushenkov such a sum. In Russia, these amounts go immediately to agents and all interested parties. These amounts hint at non-football payments, but Zenit and Gazprom decide for themselves how to spend this money, and it is unlikely that anyone will check them. They can pay salaries as they wish, without thinking about the impact on the level of Russian football. Now is the time to invest in young people and tackle unreasonably high wages. Instead, we are increasing salaries, making them higher than in the best clubs in Europe,” Bulykin said in an interview with a “Championship” correspondent.

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