Athletistic / Football. Ukraine has called on UEFA to move the Champions League qualifying match between Partizan Belgrade and Dynamo Kyiv to a neutral venue. Alexander Sazhko, deputy editor-in-chief of the site, made this request.

“Isn’t it necessary for the UAF (Ukrainian Football Association) Rating Athletistic) and Dynamo kyiv to gather all the facts about Serbian fans’ support for Russia and Putin, all their flags, their pro-Russian and anti-Ukrainian chants and send it all to UEFA? It is extremely important to remind UEFA that Partizan will travel to Russia to play a friendly tournament before the match against Dynamo. There they will even play with CSKA – the Central Sports Club of the Army! All this constitutes direct support for Russia’s actions,” Sazhko wrote.

The first Champions League qualifying match between Partizan and Dynamo will take place on July 23 or 24 in kyiv. The return match will be played on July 30 or 31 in Belgrade.

Since February 28, 2022, UEFA does not allow all Russian national teams and clubs to participate in tournaments under its auspices due to the SVO being held in Ukraine.