Athletistic/Football. Former head coach of several Russian Premier League clubs, Montenegrin Miodrag Bozovic, supported Serbia’s demand to punish the Albanian and Croatian teams for their offensive chants.

According to media reports, during the match, Croatian and Albanian fans shouted from the stands “Kill the Serb”. It is alleged that Rubin’s Albanian striker Mirlind Daku chanted the offensive chants with fans through a megaphone. The general secretary of the Football Union of Serbia (FSU), Jovan Šurbatović, called on UEFA to take the most serious measures and threatened to withdraw the national team from the tournament.

“I heard that Serbia might withdraw from the Euros. UEFA should punish Albania and Croatia for these outbursts. If they do the right thing, then everything will be fine.

If UEFA doesn’t act, I don’t know what to do. I will support any decision of the Serbian national team,” Bozovic said in an interview with a Sport24 correspondent.

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