England will beat Switzerland in extra time or on penalties, Sennikov believes

England will beat Switzerland in extra time or on penalties, Sennikov believes

Former defender of the Russian national team Dmitry Sennikov In a conversation with , he suggested that the winner of the EURO 2024 quarter-final will enter England And Swiss will be Gareth Southgate’s team.

The match between England and Switzerland will take place on July 6 in Düsseldorf and will kick off at 19:00 (Moscow time).

— Will the Swiss team, which beat Italy in the 1/8 finals, be able to create another sensation during this tournament?

– From the games they have played, I think it is quite possible. Because they are a very well-played team. The only question is: do they still have strength? However, at the beginning it was a very serious group, then there was a very emotional match in the 1/8 finals. So far, they are progressing deservedly. They have a very good attack, well coordinated.

The British, on the contrary, are now playing timidly. Somehow, they are calmly heading towards the final. It is clear that the English have a better squad, but the England team does not show the level that is expected of it. Perhaps something will gradually happen to the team for the better. Because there are top-class footballers there who play completely different football at their clubs.

— What kind of match do you expect in the game?

— Maybe the Swiss will take more initiative. Physically, they are very well prepared. The British will probably show their pragmatic football again. However, there are players like Kane and Bellingham who will score if given the chance. The English know how to take advantage of strong moments. In defense, they play with a lot of confidence and do not make any major mistakes. So things may not be easy for the Swiss.

If the Swiss have played more attacking and fast football in the previous four games, the British have played a pragmatic and calm football, focused on results. It is unlikely that anything will change.

— What result do you expect?

— I think that once again there will be some kind of 1:1 or 2:2, and the match will go to extra time and even to penalties. I think the British should go further. Let’s see. If, of course, the Swiss reach the semi-finals, then it will be a historic moment for them,” Sennikov told .

Watch the live broadcast of the match on Saturday on channel from (18:45) and MATCH PREMIER (from 18:00), as well as on matchtv.ru and sportbox.ru websites. Live studio broadcast will be available on MATCH PREMIER.

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Source : MatchTV

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