Athletistic/ Football. Former Dynamo player Igor Semshov noted that he had a negative attitude towards the change of CSKA’s head coach in the summer off-season.

On June 6, the Red-Blues were led by Marko Nikolic. In this position, he replaced Vladimir Fedotov.

According to Semshov, CSKA should not have fired Fedotov. He cited one of the main disadvantages of the military team: a short bench.

“I don’t understand why Fedotov was dismissed. Yes, CSKA sets the highest goals, and last season the team finished sixth in the championship. But, firstly, Fedotov gained more confidence thanks to his first successful season, when he won the Cup and silver in the championship.

Secondly, at the moment they do not have the composition that could compete for gold medals. The bench of the military team is too short, it is difficult to play on two fronts,” Semchov was quoted as saying by Izvestia.