Athletistic/Football. German footballer Toni Kroos has expressed his opinion on life in Germany.

Kroos, 34, retired after the national team was eliminated from Euro 2024. After the tournament ends, he admitted he would continue to live in Spain, where he played for Real Madrid.

“Germany is still a wonderful country. My family and I loved living here. But today, Germany is not what it used to be. About 10 years ago, it was different.

The sentiment has definitely changed. How do I put this? Let’s say that if I were asked in which country I would allow my 7-year-old daughter to leave the house at 11 p.m., I would cite Spain, not Germany. Especially if we are talking about a big city. 10 years ago, I would not have worried about her safety.

I agree, Germany has lost control in some respects. The migration problem in Germany is a serious topic. We welcome guests with open arms, as we should. But it is happening too uncontrollably. When many people come to a country, there will always be a certain percentage of undesirable citizens. There are also such people among German residents. If you cannot distinguish who is good and who is not, you will have a difficult time. The German attitude on this issue is becoming more and more polarized,” Kroos said in the ZDF podcast.

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