Athletistic / Football. German police have arrested 54 people in connection with riots that occurred before, during and after the Euro 2024 quarter-final between the Netherlands and Turkey. The match took place on July 6 at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

“As part of this operation, 54 arrests were made. The police have opened 64 criminal cases so far, including for assault and battery, illegal entry into the country, insults, fraud and violation of the law on drug distribution.

“It is known that during the arrests two police officers were injured, but managed to continue performing their duties,” Berlin police were quoted as saying by TASS.

Before the start of the match, the police stopped the march of the Turkish national team supporters due to a nationalist gesture. During the football at the Olympic Stadium, pyrotechnics were used in violation of the law, and during the fan festival at the Brandenburg Gate, clashes broke out between the supporters of both teams.

The Dutch national team won a voluntary victory against Turkey with a score of 2:1 and reached the semi-finals of Euro 2024. The next opponent of the Orange will be the England team.