Football In Uruguay, it is claimed that La Celeste gave Marcelo Bielsa a football lesson

Football In Uruguay, it is claimed that La Celeste gave Marcelo Bielsa a football lesson

El Observador maintained that the ranking against Brazil occurred due to situations that went beyond the presence of the Argentine on the bench.

Uruguay became one of the semi-finalists of the 2024 Copa América in the United States after beating Brazil on penalties. . This situation was celebrated in the Charrúa lands. Of course, the Observer stopped for a moment on how this was achieved, pointing out that the Celeste did it by giving a football lesson to Marcelo Bielsa.

With the purest expression of Uruguayan football, temperate and courageous, beautiful, brave and combative, the team led by Marcelo Bielsa beat Brazil on penalties this Saturday and qualified for the semifinals of the Copa América 2024. after a match that will be part of the select gallery of celestial epics,” they began by declaring in the publication.

“It was great to see how Uruguay overcame everything in Las Vegas and eliminated one of the greatest in the world, a team that in 20 years they had only beaten once, but In nine months, he has seen her kneel before the light blue twice, in October for the Qualifiers at the Centenario Stadium and this Saturday at the Copa América 2024. “, they continued.

They also highlighted that “what Uruguay did to overcome all the adversity was exciting, with a team that left its soul on the pitch and played with the attitude that history dictates.”

Focus on the Garra Charrúa

After highlighting some personal performances, they once again emphasized the team’s epic to overcome adversity. “What Uruguay did to sustain the game in the last 20 minutes, when after the correct expulsion of Naithan Nández, the game became difficult, the legs no longer responded, the physique was exhausted and there was no more energy, but the 10 “Those who remained on the field left until the last drop.”

Uruguay qualified like Uruguay! And that is the explanation and the great merit of this ranking against Brazil “, they added.

Then they explained that the Celeste “held up to the Auriverde with a united team, which went out to play its first of the three finals of this Copa América 2024, on the long road that the calendar proposes to win the 16th cup, with a level of concentration and dedication that makes us proud and enthusiastic.

The lesson to Marcelo Bielsa

They then pointed out the position changes ordered by Marcelo Bielsa which did not seem effective.In any case, the most exciting was reserved for the end, when in the worst-case scenario, when Bielsa’s formula no longer provided solutions and the offensive proposal was not going to solve its problems, the real Uruguay appeared, the most precious treasure of the light blue and with gritted teeth, strong legs and a lot of character, he resisted the final attack of Brazil, which ended up falling and generating a huge impact “.

This excited Uruguay because they put their best version on the field, the one that became the best football lesson they gave to Bielsa, because the strategist abandoned his manuals to trust in the genius of these cheeky youngsters who continue to make history and the history of a country that knows these epic performances. “, they noted.

“Uruguay is among the four best in the 2024 Copa América and will arrive weakened against Colombia, who advanced without much effort against Panama, and who they will face in four days. Ronald Araújo will not be there, and Nández and Viña will hardly arrive either. In any case, as long as the light blue is on the field, anything is possible,” they concluded.

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