Ricardo La Volpe questions Marcelo Bielsa’s career hours before Copa America semi-final

Ricardo La Volpe questions Marcelo Bielsa’s career hours before Copa America semi-final

In the middle of analyzing Uruguay’s passage to the semifinals of the Copa America, the coach with a past at Boca Juniors spoke about Rosario’s present.

Uruguay have qualified for the semi-finals of the Copa América after beating Brazil on penalties in the quarter-finals of the competition.

While David Faitelson and Ricardo La Volpe were analyzing the approach to the game proposed by Marcelo Bielsa’s Celeste, they clashed in an intense discussion in the middle of the Línea de 4 program. .

It all started when Faitelson called Loco a “phenomenon” on the bench, something La Volpe did not agree with. “I like him because he is a coach who has shown that he is in Europe, but I am right about something … he has never coached big teams in which you have to propose and be great, for example, a River, a Boca, a Real Madrid, a Bayern. I have other ideas with other technicians, he is good, Simeone is good, Mourinho is good, but it is not my idea, give me a Guardiola “, Bigotón argued.

Faced with this, Faitelson got angry and told La Volpe that he had not coached a great team either, to which the former coach of the Mexican national team responded sarcastically: “No, Boca (Juniors) is small… what are you talking about?” “.

But it’s better to hide the Boca thing, it was one of his worst coaching roles ” Faitelson responded and even added that even he “would have made Boca champions at that time (2006)”, comments that inflamed La Volpe who went all out against his teammate.

You? If you couldn’t lead, neither at your door, nor in your yard, nor in the neighborhood, they would give you play because you would ruin the players. Dedicate yourself to boxing, don’t talk to me about football, you have no idea. “, began.

“You rely on statistics and I rely on other things, everyone has their own point of view. TI can respect as a journalist, what you sell on the networks, that you do it on purpose, against America. But don’t talk to me about football, you don’t know what a game system is. ” said an already angry Bigotón.

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Far from the Bielsa style

Bielsa’s proposal, which started the discussion, is not to Ricardo La Volpe’s liking. In fact, in 2020 he had already criticized him. Although at that time the man from Rosario had achieved promotion with Leeds after 16 years, his idea of ​​the game did not convince him.

I followed him in America and in Atlas. Bielsa is a very studious man but I see him as systematic ; man to man. I saw it there and in Argentina, when (Ariel) Ortega had to follow Roberto Carlos. These are points of view, these are those who know the system a little. He has his little book and he is a winner, he has results but I don’t like the style, I like technicians who take more risks,” he explained then.

“I respect all coaches, each one has his own little book, his own heritage and his own way of playing. I always said that if I pay to go see a play, it has to be for something I like. I had that idea. There are teams that I don’t watch because I don’t like them, not because of the results, but because of the game; There are technicians who are very good but they are systematic and don’t take risks. “, he added.

Finally, in a dialogue with Marca, he highlighted the coaches that he finds pleasant to watch because of their approach to the game. “I watch Pep Guardiola, Klopp because I like the way Liverpool play. If I see these teams that give me something and I like that.

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