“Southgate is afraid of his own shadow, we can’t beat Spain like that” – Ponomarev

“Southgate is afraid of his own shadow, we can’t beat Spain like that” – Ponomarev

Former CSKA footballer Vladimir Ponomarev expressed the opinion that England team I can’t resist anything Spain National Team in the final of the 2024 European Football Championship.

The final EURO 2024 match between England and Spain will take place on July 14 in Berlin, starting at 22:00 (Moscow time).

— England only played normally for half of this EURO – the first 45 minutes against the Netherlands. The remaining games cannot be attributed to the English, but they are in the final, despite their poor performance.

I think Spain will teach England a football lesson in the final. Luck must run out sooner or later. Southgate (England national team head coach – ed.) is afraid even of his own shadow and England will come out to defend a draw in the final; But you can’t beat Spain like that,” Ponomarev told RB Sport.

England beat the Netherlands (2:1) in the semi-finals of EURO 2024 and Spain beat France (2:1).

Live broadcast of the match between Spain and England will be visible on July 14 from 21:00 (Moscow time) on and Match! Football 1, as well as matchtv.ru and sportbox.ru sites. In addition, on resources you can watch the best moments of all EURO 2024 matches.

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Source : MatchTV

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