Piacenza, Scalise: “Positive feelings, we want to start well”

Piacenza, Scalise: “Positive feelings, we want to start well”

Manuel To scaleThe Piacenza coach said this at the press conference for tomorrow’s match against Pergolettese: “We want to bring great joy to our fans. I thank them endlessly,” he says. sportpiacenza.it – because if, on the one hand, it is true that I, too, have achieved universal skepticism, since I have no experience, then, on the other hand, our fans have made us want nothing. They were always present in large numbers at summer friendly matches, some played on holidays at unpredictable temperatures, came to the presentation of Gossolengo en masse and issued a thousand season tickets. Now we have to justify their trust, I cannot promise or say that we will fight for the first place, but I can guarantee that my guys will put their heart into every shirt they wear. I have positive emotions, in my opinion, we had a good pre-season, invested in intensity and desire. First we worked on 4-2-3-1, then, knowing that we would miss Cesarini in the opening, we moved on to work on 4-4-2 and also on 3-5-2. However, I also pointed out to the players that these are just numbers that mean little or nothing at all. Football is all about intensity, recovering the ball, managing and being able to restart. If we are like that, then we can use all the modules, and there will be a place for everyone, if we become standard instead, then it will be difficult for us. I’m not the kind of person who complains about the lack, continues Skalise, or wants certain players to buy it. The transfer market is finally over, that’s it, I need to train and I’m very happy with all the players I have. In some cases we have invested, for example in Biancheri and others, and then kept a group of more experienced players. There is a good mix, and I told young people one thing: they have to be good and smart to understand that opportunities need to be seized. If someone is missing, they should take advantage of it, play a great game and convince me not to shoot them again. All of them are important. There will be a battle in Crema right away, all groups are difficult and there are pitfalls in every match. We want to start well, to give enthusiasm. In conclusion, I will say that I did not notice all these problems in the goal zone, with the exception of a couple of strike-outs, which we always scored in summer friendlies. It’s not a problem and I’m not worried about it, on the contrary, the quality is ahead and we can do it very well.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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