Ascoli, Bucchi: “Satisfied with the market”

Ascoli, Bucchi: “Satisfied with the market”

Mr Bucchi, on the eve of the match with Cittadella, said he was very pleased with the Juventus transfer market, led by sporting director Valentini:

“I have an excellent rating, I am very pleased with my team, the Company is doing very well from all points of view, we have achieved all the goals set. We were looking for people who wanted to join the Ascoli cause, who would come here to fight every day in training to win the jersey and then fight during the match. And it happened, and therefore it is our success; We had great conversations with the Patron and Director, an aspect that made things easier. We weren’t looking for big names to become stars, we think we already have great players who can do very well. We are very happy “.

The coach also commented on the newly arrived Mendez, Gnahor and Ajapong:

Mendes is an important player, a young striker who has already shown his qualities, last year he won the Portuguese championship with 12 goals. He has a physical form, structure, a powerful striker, he differs from Federico and Cedric in characteristics. We have a very diverse and diverse department which gives us the opportunity to have many solutions and also be able to easily see them even together. Mendes just needs time to integrate, to understand the language, Serie B, Italian football, it will take a little patience with him, but an important player has arrived who will give us a lot.

Gnaore is a player I have had the pleasure of coaching, he is a soldier I would love to go to war with, he never backs down, always ready to fight, in midfield he has characteristics that are different from everyone else, he is more substance, temperament , then he has a lot of experience, he played in England, Italy, France. He’s flexible, he can play multiple roles, so I think he’s the right pawn for our midfield. When contacted he agreed in the dark, he didn’t even want to hear about the contract, he said “I liked what you told me about Ascoli, I came in the dark” so it was a strong choice, that’s what we were looking for .

Adjapong I coached him in Sassuolo, he had an extraordinary start to his career, there were huge expectations for him, then he had difficult moments, some bad decisions that could be there, especially at a young age, then he had a severe injury two years ago now he has recovered. Ajapong, like many in this group, has a great desire for revenge as well as excellent qualities, he is very young, he is 98 years old, he completes a department that is already well staffed and united, we have many players and, In such a long and exhausting championship , as in Serie B, such a composition is an advantage, not a problem. Obviously, you will have to make a choice and someone will be fined more, but knowing this championship, I know that there is a place and a need for everyone. There is a lot of trust in everyone, whoever was part of this group was very welcome.”

Then the coach returned to talking about the last match against Palermo:

“I always try to clearly analyze matches, apart from the result, which should not deviate from a rational assessment. In Palermo we did a lot of positive things, we kept the team short, we were compact, we didn’t allow restarts for a very formidable opponent who had done very well in previous races, we made fewer mistakes than in the match. against Spala. In the case of two goals conceded, we made mistakes not due to frivolity, but precisely due to inattention, these are moments in which we need more clarity and more communication, instead on two standards we allowed ourselves to be surprised. On the first goal they were also good, on the second it was our inattention at the moment of the match, in which we absolutely did not need to return Palermo to the run, we were leading 3-1, we were the hosts of the game, we touched the fourth goal several times, and the game was close to completion. Instead, we let them hope to return to the game. We responded well to their goal, we held the pitch well, didn’t concede anything, we nearly conceded the fourth goal a few times, but there is work to be done.”

On the Citadel:

“I saw their match against Venezia and objectively they would have deserved to win. This is a team with great intensity, rhythm, race, very organized, working the same for many years, is an example for all B clubs, because they work well even with a very low budget, every year they fight for the playoffs. It will be a difficult, tense game of many second balls, many conquests, we will have to clean the ball as best as possible, challenge from a technical point of view, different from what we have done in the past. We have to be able to limit their characteristics and try to make the most of ours, we are ready to play an important game, and what I want to see from the team is a step forward. The result is the result of work, but also some readings and significant improvements, we should become even more of a group, more of a team, more compact and aggressive, improve everything a little, and we are working during the week for this and tomorrow I expect to see it.

At the championship:

“Details inevitably move the matches, everything is balanced, this year it is impossible to make predictions, there all the teams are so aligned and balanced that the details can shift the standings, the performance and the result of the match. That is why it is right that everyone works to get closer to perfection, even if it will be very difficult.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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