Padua, Caneo: “I’m sure we shouldn’t make mistakes in the opening”

Padua, Caneo: “I’m sure we shouldn’t make mistakes in the opening”

On the eve of the match with Pro Vercelli, Padua coach Bruno spoke at a press conference Kaneo: “Another adventure, a new path. The team is active, I’m sure there’s obviously room for improvement, but we shouldn’t make mistakes in the opening. In Cesena, I did not expect a soft attitude, there was a lot of disappointment after the game, it is not good to suffer from an opponent like that, I want the team to always be aggressive and decisive. We’ve done a physical and athletic check-up and the team is fine. So let’s continue our work. Went to Pro Vercelli, Patchi surprised 3-4-3 against Pro Patria, they will still be active. Less. Compound? Already decided Germano will not be, Liguori will be disqualified and I will also not be on the bench to serve out the old suspension (two days, one already with a discount in the playoffs of last season, approx. ed.) Jelenich? be very useful for us Valent ini is available, I expect a lot from midfielders Radrezza and Desi. I’m happy to have partnered with a purchasing company and now I’m happy to train them. I know that the expectations are very high and that the environment is special. We must try to do something more than what is the strength of the group. Players outside the squad? In my opinion, they have lost opportunities, if I do not feel involved in the project, I will leave, we will talk with the club.

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