Benevento, Foggia: “We seized the opportunity. Sciattarella wanted to return at any cost.”

Benevento, Foggia: “We seized the opportunity.  Sciattarella wanted to return at any cost.”

Sports Director Benevento Pasquale Foggia took the floor at a press conference with coach Fabio Caserta and analyzed the work on the market: “Initially,” he says – we worked to get right numerically. Module change needs led to this choice, but also not much, because the market is always full of possibilities. We took them for what we need.”

How do you like this summer negotiation session?

“This is a different market compared to other vintages for many reasons. It is important that the closed ones bring home functional elements, keeping an eye on the balance, because we have put together something that never hurts.

Have your goals changed for the better since entering the market?

“Goals are scored by the field, not the names of the players you catch. A few weeks ago we read different things. We must think about what is right to do every day. eventually you’ll find out what it means.”

Do you have any regrets?

“I don’t have them. Everything is stuck on the right track. Obviously a little quieter, something more could have been done. Barba showed a desire for a change of scenery from the very beginning, but this could only happen under certain conditions. conditions. we reached the end transfer market. I want to point out that he is a guy who has always given his best for Benevento. It’s a journey that starts and ends. Thank you from my side. it’s a pity that this ended with the fans, but that’s part of the game.”

What operation did Sciattarella have?

“He wanted to come back at any cost. It was easier to stay in Parma after all our chatter. That says a lot about how much he cares about us. one more player at the coach’s disposal.”

Have you changed your strategy by moving to experienced players?

“The strategy has changed because the game system has changed. This led to operations such as Ciano and Insigne that could not be developed before. The defense three-man game needed overs like Veseli. , we needed a characterization different from the current advice. Kubica 2000. There was an opportunity for Schiattarella, who grows for us in terms of character and technique. If someone is worthy to play, there is maximum openness. There must be the right balance in the team.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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