Corinthians increases revenue forecast and expects record number

Corinthians increases revenue forecast and expects record number

Corinthians increased the collection forecast for the year 2022, but the high indebtedness continues to hold a greater improvement in the club’s accounts

O Corinthians increased its revenue forecast for the year, in relation to the projected at the beginning of the season. The initial estimate was close to R$ 604 million previously, having turned around R$ 750 million at the moment, which means an increase of 25% in relation to what was expected in January.

This increase is caused by the good sports performance, which achieved better results than those projected so far, in the season, which also contributes to ticket collection, and other sources that were also better than expected. In this new scenario, the Helm would be behind only the projections of Flamengo and Atlético-MGin front of your rival, palm trees.

Despite this, the club’s personnel expenses (which include all employees) also increased by 29% of what was expected and will have an influence on the non-increase in the expected profit for the season, which despite the positive changes, remains at R$ 10 .1 million. If this is confirmed, it will be the second consecutive year of surplus in the year and stabilization of debts, which still bother.

The indebtedness is close to R$ 1 billion and this increase in gross revenue is not as encouraging as it seems. This is because the interest currently charged in Brazil is close to 13.75% per month, according to the Selic rate, which means an expense of R$ 110 million just so that the number of debts does not increase during the 12 months in question. .

Corinthians surpassed sports forecasts for the year / Credits: Getty Images

With TV rights remaining as the main source of income (R$ 272.2), the rest of the topics also had an increase, such as sponsorships that are expected to R$ 140.6 million, revenue from games R$ 94.8 million and player sales R$121.7 million. Even with all the problems, if the prediction comes true, it will be the biggest gross collection in the club’s history.

Source: sportbuzz

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