The Saladini-Inzaghi pair revived enthusiasm, now Regina is optimistic about the future…

The Saladini-Inzaghi pair revived enthusiasm, now Regina is optimistic about the future…

Just four months ago Regina swam in bad waterswith the ghost of failure around the corner and the team in disarmament, today the appearance Felice Saladini and choosing a patron to bet Filippo Inzaghi they completely turned things around by returning to fill in the Granillo, which seemed to only ghost of the fame he went through during Lillo Foti’s presidency. Much credit, and we say this not out of flattery, belongs to Saladini, who wanted to save one of Calabria’s assets by also taking on past debts from last season that arose from checks a few days before the end of the team registration time as soon as he got up at the helm gave carte blanche to sports director Massimo Taibi thereby allowing him to lead the market at the highest level and put everything on Filippo Inzaghi, offended by Brescia and today one of the supporters of the great start of amaranth in the league. Technique managed to form the team that today leads the standings along with Frosinone and Brescia but who can boast the best attack and the best defense, as well as the icing on the cake of a convincing victory over Palermo in the last championship. Besides it seems to fit perfectly into the fabric of the city, who lives happily with his family, which has further increased the respect of his fans. Like this Granillo fills up again and the fans started dreaming again. It’s too early to think about Serie A, the championship is long, but the foundation laid by the Saladini-Inzaghi couple seems solid and the future in Regina finally seems bright.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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