Santos drives fans crazy after interest in Marcelo Bielsa

With talks in progress, Santos tries to convince the folkloric Argentine coach to lead the team from next season

On Thursday night, the 22nd, the saints drove his fans wild with interest in the coach’s arrival Marcelo Bielsa. Free on the market since leaving the Leeds Unitedthe Argentine has always been a dream for the fans, who got excited after the speculation and started to campaign for the signing of “El Loco”.

According to information from the website “GE”, the president Andres Rueda has been making every possible effort to convince Bielsa to work in Brazilian football. With the talks in progress, the idea of ​​the Santos board is to hire the Argentine only for the next year, since “El Loco” does not usually take over teams in the middle of the season.

Even knowing the difficulties in the negotiation, Santos fans stirred on social networks and asked for the hiring of Marcelo Bielsa. With some dreaming bigger and others having some doubts about the veracity of the possibility, the club moved the sports news later this week with interest in the folkloric coach.

Marcelo Bielsa is an iconic coach of world football. He started his career in the early 90s in his country and went through several clubs until reaching the Argentine national team and then the Chilean team. After that, he began his career in Europe, where he reached the Leeds United, from England, in 2018 and stayed until February of this year, when he was fired. Since then he has been without a club.

Santos targets Marcelo Bielsa (Credit: GettyImages)

After being able to move up to the Premier League with the traditional English club, he spent another season of stabilization, but the following year he was unable to maintain the level of results and ended up being sacked. In the 2021/22 season, there were 30 games and only six wins. Leeds ended up saving themselves from relegation in the last round.

While still in the negotiations, Santos keeps the interim Orlando Ribeiro commanding the team focusing on the sequence of the Brazilian Championship. The fish will face the Atletico-PRat home, next Tuesday, 27th, and needs the victory to not let the opponents at the bottom of the table get even closer.

Source: sportbuzz

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