Red-eyed: Pablo Guede says goodbye to Málaga between tears

The former Palestino and Colo Colo coach ends his stay on the bench of the team in which he became an idol as a player. During the farewell press conference, during which he was accompanied by the players, he broke down with emotion.

Pablo Guede leaves Málaga. The meager campaign the team has completed in the current season in Spanish football’s second division motivates the decision. The split hits the former Palestino and Colo Colo coach harder than anyone. Before taking office, he had admitted on several occasions that one of his dreams was to lead the club where he triumphed as a player. However, the results truncated his desire: the Malacitana team is in 21st place in the table. It is the penultimate, with only three units in six engagements. He only exceeds Mirandés by one point .

The strategist reviewed the motivations that led him to accept the challenge he now had to leave. “25 years ago I came here. I lived the best as a footballer and I had to leave with the illusion of returning. I had to come back in a shitty situation, I had to put my chest under the bullets and save the team from relegation “, he explained.

This year, we set up this project with all the enthusiasm in the world to bring this team back to the first division. . It’s one of the best groups I’ve had, I say it from the bottom of my heart”, he developed, about the players he led, who accompanied him in conference.


It was precisely in the context of this review that Guede was overwhelmed with emotion. “I wanted to say goodbye as this club deserves. Feelings are stronger than reality. It’s football, the ball goes in or not, but what remains are the people. And I take a lot of friends“, he wrote, his eyes already reddened.

I don’t leave sad, I don’t leave hurt . I know it’s football. I leave with all the love of these people. I leave proud because I achieved the dream of my life. Be here with a full yard and I’ve done it “, he condemned, alluding to the goal he had set himself as soon as he had decided to put on the diver.

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