Mother’s Day: 5 times they were protagonists in their children’s careers

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May and the mothers of football stars have already gained a lot of prominence along with their children’s careers

Mother’s Day is officially celebrated this Sunday, the 8th, the second Sunday in May, but we all know that Mother’s Day is every day, and football players say so! This is because in addition to being with them since the beginning of their dream of becoming professional athletes, they also became protagonists at some points in their careers.

Always showing an unparalleled sympathy, the players’ mothers surprise in interviews with the sincerity that every mother carries. We can certainly say that without them, players would have gone through very difficult times, including delaying, or even not being able to get where they are today.

Channel – Athletistic

To celebrate this Mother’s Day, the Athletistic separated five moments and five mothers who gained the news of their children in the form of protagonism. We also leave here our congratulations to these and so many other women mothers of athletes from all over the world who have always fought for a better life for their children to get where their dreams were looking.

Romario and Dona Lita

Starting with the Brazilians, Dona Litamother of the world champion Romario won the entire country after asking her son to be called up to compete in the 2002 World Cup. In an interview at the time, she criticized the then commander of the Brazilian Team, Luiz Felipe Scolari for leaving the star off the list.

Soccer Players Mother’s Day (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

“I’m very angry with Felipão. He’s a tough guy, and he doesn’t like people who score goals. He must be waiting for Brazil to be disqualified to call Romario. When they didn’t say my son’s name, I got angry. It’s a dirty coach, that has implications for Romario”, told Dona Lita in an interview with the newspaper “O Dia”.

Gabriel Jesus and Vera Lucia

Who knows the story of Gabriel Jesus there’s no way not to always associate the famous telephone celebration with the star’s mother. This is because this gesture is a form of tribute to his mother, Vera Lucia de Diniz Jesus and which became its trademark both in the Manchester City as in the Brazilian national team.

In an interview shortly after the celebration became a success, the player said that it is a tribute to the struggle they have fought over the years. Even in the community where he grew up, Gabriel Jesus has his image painted on a wall facing the court where he started playing with the same famous gesture.

Neymar and Nadine

Matriarch of the Silva family, nadine is always beside and behind the accomplishments and achievements of Neymar. Ex-wife of the star’s father, Neymar father, She is one of the most active figures in the institute created by the player in Baixada Santista, on the coast of São Paulo. On social media, she shows that she is really a drooling mother in the photos in which she appears next to the athlete and her daughter. Rafaella.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Dolores Aveiro

With life 100% hectic with career, publicity and raising children, even more now living in England to defend the Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo He doesn’t have much time to be with his mother, but in the pandemic, with the cancellation of the games, he was able to visit Madeira Island, in Portugal, where he grew up.

On Mother’s Day last year, including Dolores Aveiro received a nice gift from his son, a Mercedes GLC Coupé. To get an idea, the average value of the car is 100 thousand euros, something around R$ 600 thousand. In her social networks, she published the photo of the big car and thanked her son for giving her something so special even from afar.

Mbappe and Fayza Lamari

No doubt Fayza Lamari is one of the leading names in the career of Mbappe. Being something of a businesswoman, she rules and rules the football giants. Even with all this indecision about the player’s future, she is the one who is present at the meetings with the managers to put her conditions in order for her son to continue in activity for the Paris team.

Source: sportbuzz

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