The Volkswagen Golf will reinvent itself as an electric car in its ninth generation

The historic sedan will access electrification in the ninth generation.

Product renewal in the automotive industry tends to “fall” on the road and every now and then the end of an iconic model is announced.

Electromobility was largely responsible for these decisions, mainly due to the need to reduce polluting emissions. Now, if you choose to keep these well-known vehicles alive, the usual thing is that they are converted to plug-ins, as happened with the Renault Megane.

A new example of this measure will live with the Volkswagen Golf. The most relevant sedan in the industry has carried eight generations and so far there has only been speculation about its fate, which has begun to be elucidated in the last few hours, although they do not please maybe not to the most fanatical.

It turns out that in an interview published by Autocar, Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen, said that the brand would not put a gravestone on the Golf name: “It would be crazy to let them die and disappear,” said the steering when asked by Golf and the GTI version.

Schäfer’s words are absolutely sensible. The VW Golf is so important to the brand and the industry that it has sold over 35 million units since the mid-1970s.

Of course what will come in the ninth generation will be something different from what we know so far and according to the official it should be a smaller car than the ID.3 and the new ID .2 urban.

Regarding the name, there is still no clarity and some are already speculating that it could be called ID.Golf, in order to maintain the electrical nomenclature model.

“The ID.3 was never the successor to the Golf. It was still another Golf Plus,” Schäfer said, confirming that the historic model will continue as a vehicle in the German lineup.

But if the good news arrives with the Golf, the same cannot be said for the Polo. For the Volkswagen executive, the new European regulations will affect the compact car segment more strongly, since new technologies would increase prices by up to 5,000 euros, a figure that makes the next generation of the Polo commercially unviable. This is why the German brand would favor the development of the ID.2 in this niche.

Source: Latercera

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