Emulating Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods: Joaquín Niemann and Mito Pereira will face off in an unprecedented exhibition

On December 7, they will meet at Golf Club La Dehesa. Claudio Correa, the manager of this initiative, explains that he was inspired by the two world legends to carry out this duel for the benefit of the Elite Junior Tour. The event will be called The Match.

December has always been a busy month for Chilean golf. And especially more of the irruption of Joaquín Niemann and Guillermo Pereira, who raised the country to levels never seen before in this sport. With two PGA titles and a millionaire stint on the LIV Tour, Joaco dazzled the world, while Mito finished third in the PGA Championship, an unprecedented result for the national sport.

This is why an exposition of luxury is forged between the two characters. It will be December 7 and for the first time they will meet in The Match. The stage is set and behind it there is a good cause, as explained Claudio Correa, one of the directors of the Elite Junior Tour, whose board of directors is completed by Pamela Zenteno, mother Niemann, the coach of the two referents, Eduardo Miquel, and Sibylle Hinke, Pereira’s mother.

“We are organizing a game of play a game , which is going to be played between Joaco and Mito at La Dehesa Golf Club, on December 7, and they are doing it for the benefit of the Elite Junior Tour; to raise funds to send children to compete outside and give them more benefits” said Correa.

Yayo himself says he was inspired by two legends of this sport to propose this duel in the capital. “I got this idea from a match that had been made between Tiger (Woods) and Phil Mickelson. and it was like super wow: the two best golfers in history, etc. So it occurred to me to replicate that with the two best golfers in Chile’s history. I talked to them and they both thought it was a really good idea, because it’s for a good cause; to be able to give more benefits to children and motivate them more,” he says.

The event poster.

With a favorable response, it remained to come to an agreement. “They told me yes. The only thing we had to look at was the date, because it was super hard for them to adjust, but we were talking there and we managed to find a day when they were both going to be in Chile and available. So the truth is that they have been super voluntary and happy to be able to contribute with what they can”, rejoices the organizer.

The Elite Junior Tour is in its second season and has seen great progress, contributing to several projection figures. “The Tour has grown a lot, the kids have been playing really well outside of Chile, so it seems to have paid off well. Also, this year we started to be federated, which means we started giving points for the federation’s national ranking, which is the one they use to send children abroad. It’s a good step there. Mito and Joaco entered as ambassadors of the Tour, which motivated us more than ever and to keep pushing so that the children continue to improve. That’s what it’s ultimately about.”

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Source: Latercera

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