What is the best washing machine on the market?

What is the best washing machine on the market?

As exhaustively testing the different models is very difficult – due to space, logistics and time – we have reviewed the reviews of all washing machines in all Chilean retail sites. After reviewing dozens of products and reading hundreds of reviews, we picked the eight with the highest ratings from consumers and users.

Article updated on May 26, 2022.

Washing machines, just as we were talking about last week with refrigerators, fortunately they are not objects that give too much status. Unless it’s a influencer detergent or a very pushy person, in general nobody struts in front of the machine with which one washes the laundry, so it is not necessary to change it very often. Besides, I hope we never have to change it, or not more than once a decade.

Me, at least, I hope so, because during the last change of house I had to remove the door to let in my LG model with 8 kg of capacity and almost 8 years of use. It still has no issues or issues, and I pray to the god of planned obsolescence that it stays that way for many years to come.

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But if you have to buy a new one, how do you know which one is the best? A friend or close friend’s recommendation is always helpful, as well as trusting the brands that have given us the best experiences, but to expand the range of options, we’re diving into the deep ocean of customer reviews. users. We spent several hours reading, counting and comparing hundreds of reviews on dozens of washing machines and all the merchant sites that have space for their customers to give their opinion: Falabella, Paris, Ripley and La Polar. We thus arrive at the 8 best rated, all with more than 50 customer reviews.

1. Midea MLS-080BE04N 8kg washing machine

4.7 out of 142 reviews Sodimac

Surprising has been the irruption of Midea in Chile, an accelerated positioning which is reflected in its series of economical top-loading washing machines, which have been very well received by the public. In all retail sites that allow reviews and ratings from their users, the Chinese brand’s devices appear with very good ratings and few complaints. At Sodimac it’s an average of 4.8 with 120 comments, the same rating as at La Polar .

Why is it so popular? Surely for its price, one of the most practical on the market, but also for its performance, simple but reliable. It has 8 washing programs, including a fast one, and an interesting automatic drum cleaning system, which is done by itself after each wash. This keeps the device in better condition and increases its efficiency and lifespan without worrying about a thing. Some reviews complain about the noise it makes during centrifugation, but most agree with Óscar, who writes in Sodimac that “the price-quality ratio is excellent. I have been using the product for over 4 months and no problems”.

2. LG WT17DSBP 17kg washing machine

4.6 out of 369 reviews Falabella

For large families and massive washes, the top-rated model is LG’s, capable of cleaning 17kg in one go. What its users celebrate most – who give it an average of 4.7 stars in Falabella – is the silence with which it works, ideal for apartments or houses without a loggia, where the rotation of certain equipment can give the impression of a helicopter taking off.

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“It’s big, not very noisy, it gets the clothes well wrung out and clean. It fulfills all the functions and the best thing is that it adapts super well to a king size duvet,” rejoices Victoria, who left a comment on Falabella a month ago. What the brand claims the most, in addition to its eight programs, is the Smart Inverter system that the washing machine provides, a kind of intelligence that allows you to regulate the amount of energy used by the motor depending washing needs. This saves electricity, which is significant at current rates.

3. Samsung WA17T6260BW/ZS 17kg washing machine

4.8 out of 99 reviews Paris

In the same 17 kg category, this Samsung model puts up a fight with 12 programs, energy efficiency B – better than that of the previous LG machine, which is C – and the possibility of connecting to the telephone, from where it can be controlled. It also has reverse motor technology, which reduces the energy cost of washing, and a rotating detergent dispenser, which promises to dissolve detergent better and avoid residue.

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According to Alejandro, who left a review on Ripley 10 months ago, the Samsung washing machine “doesn’t tangle the clothes so much and it comes out lint free, I loved it”. Most reviews also say it makes little noise, runs well, and has no major issues. In Paris, in fact, he has only one negative comment.

4. Mademsa Efficient 17.5SZG 17.5kg Washing Machine

4.7 out of 57 reviews Sodimac

Another model of good tonnage that receives good evaluations from its users is that of Mademsa, the Effective. Although it comes in different sizes, the 17.5 kg is one of the most popular. On the Paris page he has an almost perfect score (4.9), while at Sodimac it has a 4.8.

It is an economical machine —it now costs $100,000 less than its Samsung counterpart— and very efficient —it has an A certification—, which with only 6 programs “meets my needs (…), it is fast and had no issues with rinsing poorly, dissolves detergent well and wrings excellent”, as Camila wrote 10 months ago at Sodimac. Its slim width of 61cm also allows it to fit even in tight spaces.

5. Midea Ultra Cube 3G Washing Machine MLS-160GSC03T 16kg

4.8 from 51 reviews ripley

Another from Midea, this time with more capacity —16 kg— and a technology called Ultra Cube 3G, which combines different water flow rates for a deeper wash and less tangled clothes. It is one of the few washing machines to have an A-certification for energy efficiency, which is reinforced by its quick wash function, which reduces running time by up to 40%.

What are its enthusiastic users saying? That the quality/price ratio is very good, that the spin cycle leaves the clothes quite dry, some complain about the noise it makes – at least the brand does not promote it as a silent model – and some- some because it seems that he is less well whose charge is promoted. However, few reviews and virtually no performance complaints.

6. LG WT13VS6H 13kg washing machine

4.5 out of 100 reviews on Falabella

The most technological of the washing machines on this list, it is able to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and therefore activate it or monitor its operation from anywhere. With the mobile phone, you can turn it on, pause it or check the progress of the wash, in addition to downloading additional, more specific programs, such as cleaning curtains, pillowcases, jeans or stains of blood.

It also has a pre-wash option, ideal for muddy school uniforms, tennis socks or bus clothes. Its users appreciate the little space it takes up for the load it supports and also the low noise it emits during operation. “Excellent product, it has many functions to program the wash and it is silent when spinning”, wrote Natalia a year ago in falabella.com .

7. Winia DWF-M175GA 17kg washing machine

4.4 out of 107 reviews Falabella

Winia is another brand that has entered the fight for household appliances, especially with refrigerators and washing machines. Its main grace is the “aerobubbles” that are produced in the water inside the machine, supposedly able to enter more directly into the fabric of the clothes, removing dirt without wearing down the fabric.

It also allows you to schedule washes — up to 18 hours in advance — and its extended spin, according to Winia, removes up to 40% of moisture from clothes, which speeds up drying. From customers there are a few complaints – the drain hose is too short, or that the clothes are not very clean – but the vast majority are praise, mainly for its quiet work and the good volume of its drum . “I have had this washing machine for a year,” Verin wrote a few months ago in Falabella, “and it is really excellent, with a large washing capacity, which even allows you to wash covers.”

8. Daewoo DOWT08S21CL 8kg washing machine

4.3 out of 186 reviews Paris

Finally, we include a Daewoo model, a brand that is still alive although it is only sold by Paris. His score is not that high, but he has a lot of comments. Its advantages lie in its price, its efficiency —it is certified A— and its compact size. “It respects the quality-price ratio very well”, explains a user. “It’s pretty and easy to use. The only thing I didn’t like was that the fabric softener has to be included manually in the last wash cycle.”

This is a nuisance that is repeated in several reviews, although for many it is not a problem. But obviously that makes it less automatic than others. In fact, it’s also claimed that it doesn’t have a detergent dispenser, so you have to put it directly on clothes before you start washing. Anyway, for the price and performance, it seems like it’s not bad.

*Prices for products in this item are updated as of May 26, 2022. Values ​​and availability may change.

Source: Latercera

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