Mito Pereira closes the first round of the Charles Schwab Challenge level with the pitch

Mito Pereira closes the first round of the Charles Schwab Challenge level with the pitch

In his first appearance, after the historic third place in the PGA Championship, the Chilean experienced firsthand the difficulty of playing a contest after his best tournament. In any case, he managed to get ahead of the problems and come close to being able to make the cut in Texas.

Without rest or time to leave behind the storm called PGA Championship, Mito Pereira once again played a tournament on the most important golf circuit in the world. He did so in the first of the changes, less than a week after the remembered shutdown in Southern Hills.

He participated in the Charles Schwab Challenge in Fort Worth, Texas and managed to close his map even with the terrain . He went through difficult times, but he was able to move forward. The first day after your biggest tournament can be tough. Mito suffered from it, but came out alive.

It was not just any departure for the native of Pirque. With the memory of his performance in the second major of the year still lingering, Mito took to the colonial court like a star. In a tournament where they are local personalities like Scottie Scheffler, Jordan Spieth and Collin Moriwaka , the Chilean caught the attention of fans and pundits. Something that only increased when he birdied the first hole.

He started the day with the same level he showed a week ago, exciting many presents. But golf is a sport that renews you with every shot. You can discount, but in the next it is useless. The sensations change quickly and oscillate like the flags that land on the holes. This is what Guillermo suffered, who after this birdie, he suffered three consecutive bogeys . Each tournament is a different world. It’s something to see the turn of Will Zalatoris, the North American who lost the PGA Championship playoff definition five days ago and today closed the day with +2 on his card.

The one with these three holes was a complicated section, where Pereira suffered the weight that every week you are a different person and player. In sports like golf, victory is short-lived and the battle is eternal. You celebrate one day, rest the other and immediately you have to go to replay 72 holes, in four rounds in front of more than 100 players.

But he managed to get out of the lethargy and find his game. He discounted in the nine to close with 36 shots the first game of the day and came out determined to get back to the fight on the home stretch. Something that seemed to materialize with the Birdies from the 13th and 14th holes but that he would leave with a new bogey in pavilion 15. An ebb and flow of emotions.

Finally, he would close the remaining holes falling to par, managing to sign his tied card with the pitch. Far from the top (-4) but much higher than it was in the first moments of the day . The myth walks calmly, almost avoiding success. There are a lot of tournaments left and he knows it. The important thing today is that he managed to turn the tide. Tomorrow you have another chance. Every day is different.

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