How to choose the most durable shoes for the school year

So that they last until December and do not have to be changed after six months, mothers, sellers, shoemakers and specialists explain what to evaluate when buying shoes, while recommending their favorite and most resistant models.

At some point in recent history, the rigid structure of school uniforms in Chile – which included a tie, vest, blouses and shirts – began to give way. One of the main changes was that the hard and heavy black school shoes started to be replaced by sneakers.

This transformation, while it meant a significant leap in the comfort of the school community, also resulted in a tough economic scenario for parents, as the shoe, due to its stiffer leather construction, could easily last a year, sometimes even two. , but not so much some slippers, that between pichangas, dances and daily games, do not always survive more than six months.

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What details should be paid attention to when displaying shoes for school? What are the important mistakes to avoid? A group of people with expertise and experience in the matter provide important advice to consider when making this fundamental purchase.

Grow shoes? you don’t

It’s a classic and it’s probably an inherited habit that’s hard to eradicate. Who hasn’t bought “grower” shoes, that is, one size above the foot, knowing that the member could get bigger at any time and that the shoe would be obsolete by the middle of the year?

The influencer María Paz Bezanilla (@lapasita ), mother of three, admits to having fallen into this scourge, which always ends up being a mistake. “We know they’re constantly growing, but ultimately buying the biggest shoes is detrimental in every way. Mostly because it takes away from their comfort, and you have to consider that they’re using them five days a week. , all day.

“Buying shoes one size bigger, so that they last longer, is a reckless saving,” says Josefa Izquierdo, mother of three and better known as @LaReinadelDato . “Because they are loose, the tip bends more and tends to break off, same on the sides.” The same is confirmed by Rodrigo Sepúlveda, Belsport brand manager: “choosing the wrong size leads to excessive tension in the materials of the product in critical areas, which reduces the durability of the shoe”.

To this must be added that the internal friction generated by this extra space generally causes blisters and injuries to the feet, especially if the boys or girls spend their recess running or jumping.

How do I know what size is right for my son or daughter? Today this can be confusing as the numbering has been mixed up and today on the labels we have North American, UK and European sizes, none of them completely equaling the old Chilean standard .

More than looking at the sizes, the most effective way to find the ideal fit is to pay attention to the centimeters that the shoe measures, information that today almost all shoes have under their tongue. If it does not appear, it can be measured with a tape measure.

Anna Mata, trade marketing manager at Reebok, says the ideal shoe for school children would be one that is an inch or an inch and a half taller than the child’s foot. But no more than that. “If they buy them too big, the foot loses stability and control, which can lead to injuries when running or playing,” he warns.

How do you know if a shoe is of good quality?

  • cheap is expensive “For obvious reasons, we often think of on offer, discount or cheaper, but in general these pairs tend to be synthetics that last a lot less,” says Bezanilla. In the middle of the year, he says, more will have to be bought, so the March savings eventually disappear. “Many times, in addition, this type of shoe causes other types of problems, such as blisters on the feet,” he explains.
  • reinforced tip “I make sure they don’t have as many seams. The smoother the better,” Izquierdo thinks. But in the tip, especially for those who play football, do not skimp on the wire. “If it’s reinforced, either with double stitching or with a double layer of leather, they last longer.” Belsport’s Rodrigo Sepúlveda also suggests the heel be reinforced, with firm – hopefully double – seams and good ventilation.
  • Leather, never canvas : The material is very important if you want a shoe that lasts until December. The canvas, as big children or teenagers like it, will only cause inconvenience if it is used for school: it will cool them in winter, they will be soaked if it rains, it will burn their feet in the winter. summer and she break to the fourth PE class. “Yes or yes, it has to be leather”, adds Izquierdo, “because otherwise the foot sweats a lot”. This material ensures more durability and resistance, as well as stability against sudden movements, falls and knocks.
  • Velcro for the little ones : All parents would like to see their children tie their shoelaces from an early age, but the truth is that not all of them can do it and school is not always the best place for them to learn it: the rush to go out in recess, the short time of the teachers and the intense games make them unravel easily and it is difficult to reattach them. “There is no need to overreact”, suggests Bezanilla: it is practical to choose Velcro, which in addition to being more comfortable, is more secure. Avoid falls, loss of laces and slipping out of shoes. “There are boys or girls with a high instep, for whom Velcro shoes are the best option, in addition to favoring their autonomy”, explains Mata.
  • last round: What does it mean? That the tip of the foot is not that, a point, but rather broad, where the five toes have mobility and are not compressed. This is what Mata advises. To check this, you can remove the insole and place your foot on it to see how much space your toes have.


Eduardo Ruiz is a shoemaker and owns a store in Calle Quillota 016, in the center of Viña del Mar. He remembers North Star sneakers with nostalgia: “They also made them here in Chile,” he says.

“Really durable shoes are no longer made, because they used to be leather and with a rubber sole. Now, on the other hand, they are all plastic and PVC,” he says. Often shoes with less than one year of use arrive at your store in need of repair.

When recommending a pair, think Columbia or North Face. “These are high-end models, but they meet the durability requirement.”

The North Face Junior Hedgehog Hiker II Shoes

María Paz Bezanilla assures that her option, for price and quality, are Skechers brand shoes. For aesthetics, he prefers buying blacks over whites, which are usually the two colors allowed in schools.

Skechers Track Scloric Shoe

The recommendation comes close, but Anna Mata recommends the Weebok or Royal models, from Reebok. “They’re ideal, for everything I mentioned before, and also for the durability they have,” he says.

Rodrigo Sepúlveda mentions among his favorite models for school children the Nike Court Borough and Adidas Grand Court or Hoops shoes. “Due to their Retro Basket-oriented design, both can also be used for extracurricular activities, as they combine style and comfort,” he explains.

Nike Court Borough Low 2

“Personally the brand I like is Puma, I have a good experience with them in terms of price and quality. I always check that they are models with few seams, I hope they are flexible, that they have velcro and that they are made of leather,” suggests Izquierdo.

Puma Courtflex V2 Shoe

*Prices for products in this item are updated as of February 22, 2023. Values ​​and availability may change.

Source: Latercera

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