Niemann and Mito Pereira will have skill challenges: LIV Golf adds a new modality to their tournaments

The super league will create a format called “Combine” for this 2023. There, teams will have to play a series of duels to add points within an annual list.

The main objective of LIV Golf is to dominate the world of golf. There is no doubt about it. Since bursting into existence in 2022, the super league has looked for ways to attract top players and large audiences, successfully overthrowing the power of the PGA Tour.

It is in this approach that at the end of the checkbook they managed to take on the big stars of the circuit, including the Chileans Joaquín Niemann and Mito Pereira. But they didn’t just try to win this battle with names, they also tried with rules.

Far from reproducing the traditional game format, LIV sought to differentiate itself from its rival from the first minute and to offer a new flexible and more modern product. The first thing was to eliminate the cup and reduce the tournaments from four to three rounds . Additionally, he opted to group golfers into teams, allowing their individual rounds to score points for an accumulated overall draw. Thus, the last date of the year is played only in the format of squads.

And this constant desire to innovate has led them to a new modality. It is “LIV Combine”, an instance that will take place in all tournaments of the year and which will pit golfers against each other in different skill challenges.

In the 2023 season, all 12 teams will participate in the LIV Combine. Each of the 14 events will feature a challenge that will test players’ mental and physical abilities. “explains the organization in a post published during this day.

In addition, it explains how this new initiative will be evaluated. “The team’s performance during each challenge will determine the number of points they will receive. Accumulate throughout the season “, they add, noting that the best of the day will receive 20 units and the second 15.

It’s also worth noting that the first challenge will be the “reaction wall”, mimicking what some players did on the first date in Mexico, but in a friendly way. On this occasion, Phil Mickelson could be seen trying to hit the colors on the wall.

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