11 great deals this week: Galaxy S22 Ultra, laptops and wireless headphones up to 47% off

After several hours of searching, comparing and checking the discounts on the web, we have selected eleven products whose discounts are really worth taking advantage of.

KitchenAid K150 650 W 1.4 liter blender – 47%

It may seem expensive, but beware: this model normally costs almost double and not on a whim. These are some of the best blenders on the market, “excellent for professional use”, they say in RTings, and “capable of crushing ice like a bar, as well as making smoothies and soups with no problem” , as BBC Foods explains. . In short: a versatile machine designed to last a lifetime. That being the case, its current price at Falabella is a bargain. Previous price: $209,990.

Garmin Vivofit 4 connected bracelet – 44%

Garmin was one of the pioneer brands in designing and manufacturing smartwatches. A merit that guarantees for the moment products of very good quality, resistant and very precise. Maybe not as versatile as the larger companies, but still able to compete. This provides the basic data one needs – time, step count, calories burned, sleep log, heart rate, exercise measurement – as well as the ability to connect to the phone and receive notifications. Very resistant to shocks and water. Regular price: $89,990.

Bosch TWK3P424 kettle 1.7 liters – 37%

Nowadays, almost all of us have a kettle at home. But do we really have a good kettle? One whose entire interior is stainless steel and not plastic? The one with a cable extension, which can be adapted as needed? One with a wide interior, which makes it easier to clean? One who, as a user who commented on his page , last more than twenty years? Probably not. Then you should take advantage of this offer. Regular price: $47,990.

Smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Watch5 40mm – 20%

Samsung’s latest smartwatch is a very well-made gadget that brings together everything you expect from a smartwatch: it’s stylish, comfortable and versatile, it pairs perfectly with your phone to answer calls, receive notifications or answer messages, it includes an electrocardiogram , pulse oximeter, sleep monitor and NFC, among many other virtues. The only but is the battery, which does not exceed a day and a half. Either way, it’s again the best Android watch out there. And for less than $200,000. Regular price: $249,990.

Shark S6003 steam mop – 38%

What is a mop? What in Chile is called a mop. The beauty of this one is that it is electric and automatic, and not only does it clean ceramic, tile or parquet floors, but it is also very useful for removing stains from carpets and other carpets. Its system emits steam as you slide it across the floor, so stubborn stains are easily removed. A great alternative for carpeted or heavily soiled homes. Regular price: $159,990.

OnePlus Nord CE2 Lite 5G Smartphone 128GB – 22% off

Recently our geek Official Alejandro Alaluf chose this model as one of the three best mid-range smartphones of the year. Although the OnePlus brand is not yet known in Chile, this device stands out for its “large 6.6 LCD screen”, its 120 Hz refresh rate – something more typical of the top of the range than the average – and its 2K resolution. Its good 5,000mAh+ battery and 33W fast charging (which reaches 50% charge in 30 minutes) also shine. Not bad for such a low price. Regular price: $329,990.


Google Chromecast 4 streaming player – 21%

If your regalona TV isn’t smart but you don’t have the budget to upgrade it, the best solution is this little device from Google: easy to install — it only requires an HDMI input and a Wi-Fi connection — and set it up, in minutes you’ll have all the streaming apps out there. Mr Click is the store that sells it the cheapest. Regular price: $44,990.

Asus Vivobook Pro Laptop / Intel Core i5 / 8GB RAM / 512GB SSD / 14″ – 35%

A little over a year ago we were testing this Asus model, the Vivobook Pro OLED, whose screen dazzled us with its liveliness and sharpness. This one doesn’t have a video card —it can be incorporated— but apart from that it’s a very complete unit, with a powerful processor, a good amount of RAM and a solid disk to guarantee efficiency and speed. Possibly the best laptop you can have for under $500,000. Regular price: $769,990.


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition 32 GB e-reader – 20% off

Can’t put more books in the house? Do you have to read a lot for work and your eyesight isn’t better with the blue light from screens? The best option is to switch to an e-reader, and among them the most famous is a model from Amazon: the Kindle Paperwhite, a device whose resolution is almost identical to that of paper, with a battery that lasts for weeks, very lightweight and large capacity Regular price: $249,990.


Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Wireless Headphones – 27% Off

The second version of Samsung’s wireless earphones is an interesting alternative for those looking for comfort and good connectivity but who don’t have a very high budget. It doesn’t sound the best, but for less than $80,000, which Paris is offering today, it’s hard to buy a pair of TWS headphones with higher attributes. Regular price: $109,990.

https://ad.soicos.com/-1l44?trackerID=practico&dl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.paris.cl%2Faudifonos-samsung-bluetooth-galaxy-buds2-lavender———- 180311999.html


Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 128 GB – 19%

Although the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has just been launched —a model whose quality we have already tested and checked—, the truth is that the differences with its predecessor, this S22 Ultra which is now on sale, are very few. The biggest? Its price, nearly $500,000 less. That being the case, if the idea is to have a high-end Android phone, our recommendation is to go with last year’s model, which today costs less than $800,000 at Ripley and which, as we we reviewed at the time, is still one of the best cell phones on the market. Regular price: $979,390.


*Product prices in this item are updated as of March 13, 2023. Values ​​and availability may vary.

Source: Latercera

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