The five smartphones with the best cameras on the market

Beyond batteries or performance, what most people want in a cell phone is to take good pictures. Well, in this list, we highlight the cell phones available in Chile that are capable of capturing the best images and videos.

Since Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007, the concept of what a smartphone can do has evolved rapidly: it’s no longer just a powerful communication tool, it’s become an extension of our people. In addition, it has gradually replaced the habits of using certain devices that in the eyes of today are considered real antiques. The things we used to carry around in our pockets, purses or backpacks, such as calculators, compasses, music players, flashlights and a host of small tools, are now de facto included in a mobile phone. But there is something that will always be the first thing to catch the eye, at least for the vast majority of consumers: the camera.

The first mobile phone with a camera made its debut in Japan at the turn of the century: it was the Sharp J-SH04, launched in the year 2000. Logically, it was a VGA camera with very unacceptable results according to the today’s standards, but no less revolutionary. for that. In fact, it worked so well that the whole industry jumped on the bandwagon. The following year, Nokia introduced a fully in-device camera, allowing easy sharing of photos with contacts. And in 2005, the Finn’s N90 was the first model to be associated with a brand of lenses, in this case Carl Zeiss optics.

Although many manufacturers have already included cameras in their phones, it was the appearance of the iPhone that forced the rest of the industry to pull their pants off in this section. Even if the first cameras were simple – low resolution (no more than 2MP), without the possibility of zoom or flash (remember those horrible night photos of yesteryear) – already for the iPhone 5 (2012) you could rely on good quality video recording and a front camera for selfies. That same year, Nokia released the well-known PureView 808, with an unusual 41 MP lens and HD recording. Gradually, the megapixel war began.

Since then, the differences between lenses and software that one model or another may present can be drastically different. The same goes for video recording. Obviously, it is the premium, premium or flagship phones, i.e. the most expensive ones, that will include the most attractive and powerful details when capturing an image.

Always keep in mind that a large number of megapixels does not in itself guarantee a good photo – which we explain in detail in this article – although for most consumers this number is a magnet to attract.

Never mind, the selfies and the shots Point and click – i.e. autofocus – are perhaps the most used dynamics when taking a common photo. That’s why the latest enhancements have been precisely angled to suit the circumstances, whether on the move or in situations with very little light.

This is where the software built into every phone is crucial, in which virtually all manufacturers have included artificial intelligence engines to improve image processing. Sometimes what a good lens and applied software can do is miraculous, especially for inexperienced hands and eyes.

In this sense, it is clear that the most interesting models are those that will contain the best and most powerful cameras. What would they be? Here we present a list with the best that the local market offers in 2023.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: more megapixels, impossible

Quite possibly the best camera available today on an Android device that Samsung has in its main high-end model: the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Thanks to its ISOCELL HP2 sensor, one of the most powerful currently available, any type of occasion or photographic mode can be recorded.

The main camera is a whopping 200MP, which may be too much for most. But here they are used very well: the photographs take on much more life, in addition to having the possibility of zooming in on impossible details. It has optical stabilization and laser focusing, while allowing photos without direct light sources to be very, very bright. It’s the conceptnight photography” from the South Korean giant, and it works well.

Specifically, in addition to its 200MP main lens —with an interesting f/1.7 aperture—we have a 12MP ultra-wide lens and another 10MP telephoto lens, with 10X optical zoom. In front, the front camera (or for selfies) is 12MP.

What we were saying, when we tested it a few weeks ago: “With a 200MP main sensor, the acclaimed ISOCELL HP2, reaches almost double the capacity of the S22 Ultra, which reaches 108MP. This allows you to shoot stress-free 8K video, shoot in professional RAW photo mode, or simply enjoy the experience of seeing stunning detail when you zoom in, up to 100x.With the new fresh-from-the-bake Snapdragon chip, photo processing is done in seconds.

On the other hand, despite having nearly half the megapixels, the previous generation Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera is also a great bet. The truth is that this 2022 model is still more than valid, it has characteristics very similar to its most recent version, so it is still a safe option to take the highest quality photos and videos. It also has a RAW (professional) mode, high resolution and endless tools for post-production.

iPhone 14 Pro Max : they are always the best

Unsurprisingly, Apple has put even more steroids on its already sensational camera for its high-end models. The cross-sectional consensus is that iPhone cameras, regardless of model or generation, take good photos by default, but the one that offers the most functionality today is of course its high-end version: the iPhone. 14 Pro Max.

It has a new 12MP front lens with a larger aperture – it’s f/1.9, a bit more than the f/2.2 offered by the Galaxy S23 Ultra – which gives it plenty of potential for night or all-weather photography. It also improves its main rear lens, with a 48MP quad pixel sensor that has a 65% larger resolution than its previous version, in addition to its famous stabilization system, capable of amazingly reducing movements and vibrations. Apple, in fact, describes it as if it were a real gimbal .

Here’s what we said when we tested it a few months ago: “Aiming, shooting and viewing images on the iPhone 14 Pro Max is a pleasure, almost independent of ambient light conditions or visual noise. Surely many readers have seen this spot from Apple on social media, where a frenetic scene is captured with absolute user stabilization. Well: that’s how it works.”

The 14 and 14 Pro retain virtually the same features as the previous generation versions. This, say, balances the photographic concept between the different iPhone generations, so the technical differences – except for the Pro Max model, which has more MP – aren’t so noticeable. So, in terms of photographs, choosing an Apple phone is going to be safe.

xiaomi 12t pro : best quality price report

The Chinese giant also has a lot to offer in the photographic section. For starters, the Xiaomi 12T Pro, launched late last year, became the first smartphone in Chile to have a 200MP lens. But beyond the grace of having a photo of this weight, what is interesting here is the software —in this case, which includes Dolby Vision—, a factor that allows an excellent visual result.

That’s what we said last year after testing its camera: “It’s not the first smartphone in the world to include a 200 megapixel camera (this corresponds to the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, which unfortunately does not won’t reach our country), but yes, it’s a pioneer in our market. It sounds like a lot and it really is. It’s a very powerful sensor, able to do gigantography easily.”

I live X80 Pros: The best camera anyone has ever seen

Unfortunately, this first model of the Chinese company, sponsor of the last World Cup, did not manage to make much noise on the local market. And that’s a shame, because it’s a great smartphone. The X80 Pro has a large number of qualities and features, so much so that it rises to the zenith of Android smartphones. But where the cell phone really shines is in its photography section. Plus: I personally think it was the best camera on a cellphone in 2022.

Co-engineered with Carl Zeiss optics, the camera of this exceptional and very expensive smartphone has a 50MP ultra-detection GNV glass sensor, in addition to having a real gimbal for image stabilization. picture. But the card up its sleeve is its proprietary chip, the Vivo V1+, capable of optimizing everything to produce very good videos, without much effort and even in terrible light conditions. Very, very good results.

Honor 70 : the most economical

It is clear that more than acceptable cameras can be found in low-end cell phones, but that is the subject of another list. In the meantime, to finish, we will include the Honor 70, the latest model launched in Chile by the Chinese company, which became independent from Huawei a few years ago. While waiting to have its exceptional top of the range, the Magic 5 Pro, in a short time, we have this alternative which is the most economical for this range.

This beautiful model features the excellent Sony IMX800 sensor, with a 54 MP (f/1.9) wide-aperture main lens, as well as a 50 MP wide-angle and macro lens. All with autofocus, bokeh effects, automatic tracking (Solo Cut) and even intelligent memory, to refocus on someone who has gone out of frame.

*Prices for products in this item are updated as of March 14, 2023. Values ​​and availability may change.

Source: Latercera

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