“An example of shit”: Nadal, the greatest Spanish athlete of all time, exposed to a controversy with a singer

A few days ago, the athlete announced how he will face his future and indicated the date of his retirement. In the midst of all this, the Hispanic singer wondered about the physical state with which he had to face the competitions.

Rafael Nadal is living his last months as a professional athlete. This is what he said during a press conference on May 18 during which he took advantage of the confirmation of his absence from Roland Garros and the other competitions of the season, focusing on his return for the 2024 season in order to fully recover from his injuries.

The man from Manacor admitted to having to deal with the activity of the ATP circuit on several occasions with discomfort in his foot due to Muller-Weiss syndrome, a situation which was criticized by his compatriot the singer Iván Ferreiro.

The example of the shit he sets by going to play a game that’s been ruined. And everyone says: What a fine example for the children! Well, I think that’s an example of bullshit. . It took us many years to get to where when we feel bad we don’t have to go to work, so this millionaire, to get a medal, told us he had a broken foot. But sadly the whole sport sets a shitty example “, he had launched.

And perhaps for the same reason, a journalist present at the conference, although without naming Ferreiro, asked him about this situation.

“You have always been an example of effort, of resilience; the coin has another side. We don’t always know when to stop. You can also be an example of this in a society where, because of mental problems, people do not arrive and do not know how to stop. we burn Do you sometimes consider being an example in the decisions you make for better or for worse because you are a public figure? he asked Nadal.

The Hispanic replied, “Listen, you have to do it your way. If I am an example, I am, and if I am not, I am not. I don’t work, I don’t make my daily life exemplary, nor do I claim to be exemplary. . I do things that I find well done and that I find correct from my point of view, from my ethics, and as we well know, ethics are not the same for you as for me. From there, it is difficult to speak of examples or no examples”.

In turn, he defended his position by indicating that he had the idea that he preferred to be exemplary, but always maintaining his sanity. “It’s vital. I also think you need to train her.”

If at least things don’t work out for us, we shut down because we can’t stay, for me we detrain sanity and train frustration instead, and if we get frustrated at the first change, which we do is to be more unhappy “, he added.

Of course, there is a point where there is no more room, where it is right to stop, but for me, before making this decision, you have to have given yourself a lot of opportunities beforehand . It’s correct “, he concluded on the subject.

Another aspect he emphasized during the conference is that he hopes to prepare to be competitive with preparation from the ground up. “If I’m competitive again to win Grand Slams, I don’t know, after a major break it’s tough, but why not. I will try to give myself the opportunity to compete again and my intention is to make this my last year. . So you don’t know what could happen. VI will try that my last year is not a comparison, that I can compete at the highest level . If we get to this tour and we can compete to fight for them, then to see the reality we’ll have to wait,” he said.

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