Rory McIlroy accepts unification of golf, but does not forgive the super league: ‘I still hate LIV, I hope it goes away’

The quadruple winner of the Majors and star of the North American circuit, reflected on the peace agreement between the most important circuits in the world. He admitted to feeling like a lamb slaughtered by PGA officials.

He was the character everyone was looking for this Wednesday at the RBC Canadian Open. Rory McIlroy, the PGA champion, spokesperson, moral advocate and board member, who has never hidden his contempt for the LIV. A legend in the field, who admitted feeling like a betrayed lamb with the signing of the peace accord among the biggest tours on the planet.

And as soon as he started speaking in the press room, he made his position clear. “I still hate LIV! I hate LIV. I hope it goes away and I hope it passes. In the future maybe there will be team competitions and you’ll see who plays in one of those tournaments but I don’t think it’s anything like LIV and I think that’s a good thing . “, he began to comment, opening a line that has been reinforced in recent hours: that the super league no longer exists and becomes a series of team events throughout the year.

A subject he did not delve into, but which he touched on, emphasizing that the PGA will have a clear influence on the plans of the Saudis. “Like it or not, the PIF (Public Fund of Saudi Arabia) will continue to spend money on golf. At least the PGA Tour now controls how that money is spent. If you are considering one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world, would you rather have it as a partner or as an enemy? In the end, money talks and I prefer having them as partners. ”.

In this regard, he confessed that he continues to experience strange days and that he does not have a single opinion about everything that has happened in the past 24 hours. “I think ultimately when I try to step away from it and look at the bigger picture and look ten years older, I think it’s going to be good for professional golf. It unites you and secures your financial future. But there are also mixed emotions said the two-time PGA Championship champion.

Likewise, he admitted that the PGA will carry a stigma after this change of plans. “You rallied everyone against something and now you’ve teamed up with this thing that you rallied everyone against, so yeah, of course I get it. is hypocritical seems hypocritical “, he exposed, admitting that he was “It’s hard to sit here and not feel like a sacrificial lamb. ”.

Another point the Northern Ireland man touched on was a possible return of players who left the PGA which he is unconvinced of. “There must still be consequences for actions. The people who left the PGA Tour damaged the Tour beyond repair, they sued it. We can’t just welcome them back. It’s not gonna happen he threatened.

Finally, he indicated that he knew that the two parties were communicating, but that he never had confirmation of an agreement until he saw it in the press. “He knew they had opened lines of communication. But obviously, I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. “, he concluded.

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