Do you plan to telecommute from Argentina? What you need to know about rentals

Check here what are the types of guarantees that must be paid, as well as the important factors to consider, according to Chileans living in Buenos Aires.

The clock shows the departure time. You turn off the computer and look out the window of your house: still the same landscape. Days and weeks pass and the scene repeats itself.

During the pandemic, several companies have adopted telework continue their work amid quarantines. And although the measures imposed by the authorities have reduced the cases of Covid-19 — and therefore, the confinements —, there are still people who continue to operate in online mode. even full time .

If this is your case, you have probably wondered: Would it be possible to settle in a city like Buenos Aires work from there?

Well, you’re not the only one. In fact, many Chileans have opted for this option. But before packing your bags and immersing yourself in the avenues of the great capital of Argentina you need to know how leases and guarantees that must be paid to get there.

Do you plan to telecommute from Argentina to Chile? You need to know this to pay rent. Photo: repository.

The most common profiles and types of rental guarantees

in conversation with The third the director of the real estate consultancy Property Partners in Argentina, Felipe Engdahl, who is also a psychologist from the Catholic University and is studying the career of an auctioneer and public broker in Buenos Aires, foresees that the activity is regulated and that your business operates in accordance with local regulations .

“There are a lot of Chilean customers looking for opportunities here, because it’s very cheap (if you work from home and can bring in money)” he assures, to add later that “the restaurants, the museums, the parks and the number of foreigners who arrive remains constant”.

Engdahl, who lives mainly off the income he gets from his Chilean and Argentinian customers, says that there are two marked profiles of compatriots who use their services: people who come to study in Buenos Aires and workers who want to operate online from said capital .

When it comes to buying and selling properties, he says they are usually in dollars, whereas rents can be in Argentinian pesos or dollars . Usually the most expensive are in the latter currency.

“Dwelling houses, like what there would be in the municipalities of Santiago like Chicureo or Vitacura, which are usually in dollars” illustrates the director of Property Partners in the Transandean country.

Regarding leases, he says that there are two types of guarantees which are more common.

One of them consists of pledging real estate “which cannot belong to the tenant, but to a third party” such as a family member or friend, who pledges that person’s collateral.

The other option is to pay bond insurance. “You pay it and if at any time you stop paying the monthly rent, the landlord executes it and it is collected there” .

“For this, usually the insurers ask you to prove your income, but they must be in Argentina, so again there is a problem ”.

In this sense, he explains:What they do for foreigners is you leave a bond, six months rent in dollars, which they give back to you at the end of the contract. . It’s like the security deposit that I leave for them to pay my rent”.

As expected, the second alternative is more feasible for most people who want to telecommute to Chile from Argentina unless they have friends or family there who take out a home warranty.

Do you plan to telecommute from Argentina to Chile? What you need to know about lease guarantees. Photo: repository.

The Chilean student experience

Azul Alvarado and Matías Velasco come from the first profile described by Engdahl. Both went to Argentina to study theater and cinema respectively, while receiving or receiving money directly from Chile. via Western Union transfers.

The first arrived in 2019 and stayed there for nearly four years, before returning to Chile in early 2023. The second, on the other hand, arrived 12 months ago. and stay there.

Alvarado says that his personal motivation for going to study in Argentina, in addition to free education and some personal interests, was that In Buenos Aires, there are a wide variety of theatrical offshoots, such as street theater and mask theater. .

Instead, he says that in Chile, he attended a well-known private university and that vocational training there was of a more general nature .

“Argentina It is a country super open to culture, they value it a lot and consider it an essential part of being human “, he says, “the variety is another, you walk in the streets and you find two theaters per block”.

Velasco also sheds light on the cultural field and affirms that “It’s much stronger than in Chile and I think they really appreciate that here” .

While acknowledging that there are arts initiatives in the country, he points out that in Argentina “it’s very latent and the weight is taken a lot” .

Comparing the economy with that of Chile, Alvarado says that – in his experience – paying for a private university was as expensive or more expensive than studying, eating, living and renting a room in Buenos Aires .

However, he points out that the benefits are basically for people who receive money from Chile as it was in his case (while he was there) and it is currently in Velasco’s.

Do you plan to telecommute from Argentina to Chile? What you need to know about lease guarantees. Photo: repository.

In the same way, says that for many foreigners, opting for a permanent residential lease (i.e. for a minimum of three months) is complex, mainly because of what it means to present one of the types of guarantees .

It is for this reason, according to Alvarado, that there are a lot of moves, both migrants and Argentines coming from the provinces .

“If you have the opportunity and the privilege of being able to rent accommodation for three years, that’s a lot” illustrious Blue.

“There are a lot of people who rent a room in a hostel and go to a place where a lot of people live… sometimes rent increases are catastrophic and cannot be paid, so another space is sought (…) there, people rent and release ”.

In your particular case, note that When he arrived, he paid the equivalent of 20,000 Chilean pesos for a room in a shared residence, but this figure increased over time, so he moved several times. .

At the end, Before returning to Chile, he came to pay a figure close to 227,000 Chilean pesos, although for the department of an acquaintance

Despite the complexities of this type, he assures that “Chilean money brings in a lot there”, especially in goods and if the exchange goes through Western Union. . “Electronics, like cell phones and computers, are more convenient in Chile.”

Besides, all the people interviewed in this article point out that beyond the economic, Buenos Aires offers what Engdahl describes as “a constant cultural exchange” .

“It seems to me that it is a much more cosmopolitan city than Santiago. Yes, the latter is more and more so, but the Argentine capital has been historically and continues to be so today. From my point of view, it is very enriching culturally. If I had to choose a big point, for me it’s this one », Condemns the Chilean.

Source: Latercera

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