National holidays: these are the best cuts of meat to roast

A week before September 18, we already have to think about cuts and portions for people. For this, Mr. Wagyu gave some advice to take into account during the festivities.

One week before the celebration of a new September 18, many people are already starting to plan roasts and the types of meat they will use in them. National holidays . The celebrations are quite long, lasting four days, so activities with friends and family around the grill will be common on these dates.

Although everyone has their preferences regarding the meats and cuts they want to use when preparing a barbecue, not all are suitable for grilling . Below we show you some options.

Pieces of meat of your choice to roast during national holidays. Reference photo.

Types of meats to use on these national holidays

To celebrate these National Holidays in a traditional way, It is essential to have good charcoal, especially if you plan to cook for long periods of time. . As for the pieces of meat, Nicolás Soldán, says Mr. Wagyu delivered to The third some recommendations for the festivities.

If you want to eat the meat on the plate, accompanied by salads or other side dishes, you can use a smooth and marbled loin, goose tip or beef fillet which are noble cuts, that is to say they do not require intense work.

In case of “economical” cuts of meat to use during national holidays, there are abastero, butcher’s roast and rib of rib which, although they need to be cleaned, remove the membranes and are a little more laborious, are good options for eating during these festivities.

On the other hand, If desired, cook more slowly and on a stick. Mr Wagyu stressed that one of the best options would be a money or a stomach which are traditional cuts for this form of roast.

In the case of people who do not eat beef, other meats are recommended, such as chicken, pork, turkey and lamb, which constitute an excellent alternative.

Pieces of meat of your choice to roast during national holidays. Reference photo.

What is the recommended serving of meat per person?

Mr. Gagyu stressed that for a barbecue during these festivities one should consider 500 grams of meat per head where it can also be accompanied by salads or other side dishes.

If you want to save money during national holidays, the chef explains that a good option would be to make anticuchos since you can eat meats in different ways, since you can eat chicken, pork, sausages, also adding vegetables, whether onions or peppers.

This is in order not to affect people’s pockets too much.

Another good option for these days, if you prefer other preparations without consuming a lot of meat, can be mixed vegetable salads or grilled meadows .

Regarding what to take to accompany meats and foods at the time of barbecues during these holidays, he emphasizes that it can be a a good wine or beer depending on everyone’s preferences and tastes, there is no wrong choice.

Pieces of meat of your choice to roast during national holidays. Reference photo.

Recommendations for caring for meat during these national holidays

This month the Ministry of Health is proposing a series of recommendations for taking care of meat during these national holidays:

  • Always Store fresh meats between 0°C and 4°C refrigeration.
  • Meat is never thawed at room temperature. And. Do it in the refrigerator.
  • Remember that food should not be refrozen which has been thawed.
  • Avoid cross contamination . Use different utensils, one for raw meats and others for other foods.
  • Cook the meat completely . That there are no pink juices or traces of blood.

In addition to these tips, Mr. Wagyu also gave some recommendations for handling meat during these festivities:

  • Be clear about the origin of the meat , either vacuum-packed or butchered. Also know what product you are buying and that it is in a place you trust.
  • If the meat is vacuum packed, check if the package is in good condition and see the packaging date
  • These must not exceed the 30 days for bone-in cuts and 45 days for boneless cuts .
  • Avoid cross contamination with vegetables and between the different types of meat you count .

Source: Latercera

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