On a lake, with beer and live music: Jack Grealish’s crazy birthday in a luxury hotel

The Manchester City footballer, known for his partying side, organized a celebration where he spent 23,000 euros and which included numerous details for each of the guests in the town of Lechlade-on-Thames.

Jack Grealish usually makes the difference. He does it on the pitch, being a demanding and skillful footballer, characteristics that are not abundant in the prototype of an English player. But he also likes to stand out off the field. After the Champions League won by Manchester City was the main protagonist of the celebrations.

In this way, he wanted to organize a birthday party that lived up to the fame as a party animal that had generated around him. Last September 10 was the date the striker turned 28 and the celebration, apparently, lived up to the expectations he had aroused among his guests.

The British rented a hotel called The Lakes By Yoo, in the town of Lechlade-on-Thames of the district of Cotswolds, spending 5 thousand euros for each of the cabins he needed. According to what The Sun newspaper said, at the location there was food, alcohol and live music all available to those who were on the list of people Grealish made for his birthday.

In the aforementioned media, some testimonies of people from the footballer’s entourage are presented, who preferred not to mention his name. “Jack comes from a great family and loves nothing more than spending his hard-earned money on them and sharing his love,” one person explains.

However, what was mentioned is not the only thing there. The place also had kayaks and boats, for walking around the bay, to which guests had access. Each cabin had six bedrooms and an exit to the lake , where they could bathe. They could also access areas where bonfires were lit.

Jack Grealish, a few days after winning the Champions League with Manchester City.

Jack, the party animal

At Manchester City, they are aware of Grealish’s attitude. In fact, the technical staff tends to belittle him since, as they say, his outings are always done during free time. Pep Guardiola even joked about it. “It is clear that tomorrow will be happier than today. We will have to recover as much as possible, there will be no drop of alcohol ” he said after beating Sevilla in the European Super Cup, referring to the images broadcast of the Englishman after the UCL.

After winning the precious continental title against Inter Milan, the old Aston Villa revealed he went 72 hours without sleep spending entire nights in nightclubs, then participating in official celebrations with the team. In fact, he was seen several times wearing sunglasses and being held by his companions. Something that fans took with humor at the time.

Grealish’s viral videos were multiple. We saw him dancing, without a shirt, with a safety vest, with a cap and with liquid on the head . Always accompanied by a bottle , preferably beer or, sometimes, sparkling wine. Sometimes encouraging his teammates, other times being encouraged. The concrete fact is that his fame was earned at that time and on his birthday he didn’t want to be less.

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