What is the importance of having a skincare routine and how to create one in a few simple steps

What is the importance of having a skincare routine and how to create one in a few simple steps

Taking care of your skin will not only make you look younger, but will also help prevent premature aging. According to dermatologists, a proper routine doesn’t necessarily require so many products.

For several years now, the careful of the fur Also known as skin care is experiencing growth. The phenomenon is further reinforced by social networks, where users share which products worked or did not work to have a glowing face.

The difficulty is that some of the recommendations that exist when browsing the platforms do not come from dermatologists, and in addition, facial routines appear that never seem to end. For someone who may be just entering this world, this amount of information can be a bit overwhelming, so staying as before seems like a better solution.

According to specialists explained to La Tercera, A good skincare routine doesn’t necessarily require a long list of products: simple can also be beneficial . But before knowing the basic steps of skin care, you need to know why you should start practicing them.

Why start taking care of your skin

Natacha Quezada, dermatologist at UC Christus, says that having a skin routine is the minimum amount of attention you should pay daily. “It is everyone’s responsibility because it is the most extensive organ, it is the one that meets the environment and the one that speaks a lot about oneself” Explain.

Performing this ritual also has a series of benefits. As we age, our skin naturally ages. However, skin aging can be further accelerated by external factors, such as diet, alcohol, ultraviolet (UV) rays and environmental pollution.

“The routine will prevent the skin from rapid aging due to external factors” says Francisca Daza, dermatologist at Clínica Alemana (@franciscadazadermatologie ).

Skin ages naturally, but external factors could accelerate this process.

“The short-term benefits are that the skin will be better. When you take care of it, it strengthens the skin barrier function, which is the protection of what is inside the body. This will also allow you to be irritated, free from allergies and reduce the predisposition to diseases like acne and rosacea. It will appear fresher and brighter,” adds the specialist.

But this will not only prevent early aging, but at the same time It will help reduce the risk of skin cancer, the main cause of which is exposure to the sun.

For dermatologist Ricardo Sánchez (@idermatologue ), a problem that can arise when you don’t have a facial routine “is that everyone’s weak points will get worse. For example, if a person has oily, acne-prone skin, they will likely develop more severe acne, or someone with rosacea will experience more redness and burning.

At the same time, the professional specifies that although the benefits of this care are varied, those who choose not to do so should not be punished. “It’s not that it’s bad to not do skincare, but it’s obviously going to have negative consequences in one way or another.” he emphasizes.

What is decisive before embarking on this path is to know the skin type of each person, for which it is advisable to seek guidance from a professional. Without it, you could develop an inadequate routine that could generate harmful results.

Dermatologist Ricardo Sánchez believes that the lack of a facial routine can “aggravate each person’s weak points.”

“This will allow us to discover which products will work best. In general we are talking about dry, very rough and tight skin. On the other hand, there is oily skin, which tends to be very oily and shiny, and in between there is combination skin which is very broad because some are drier, more oily or just the ” T-zone”. All of them may or may not be sensitive,” says Sánchez.

Considering what age group we belong to also influences. “Products intended for 15-year-olds and 50-year-olds are not the same,” adds Quezada.

What are the basic steps of a skincare routine?

1. Cleanliness. Dermatologists agree that the first step in taking care of your face is to cleanse it twice a day, morning and evening. The format will depend on the person’s skin type and their requirements. For oilier skin, you can use a gel cleanser, while for dry skin, cleansing milks or micellar waters are good options. Daza explains.

For Quezada, not doing the daily cleansing your skin needs is like not brushing your teeth. “When you clean your face, it prevents pollution from triggering oxidative stress. Not doing so accumulates all contamination and pollution in the epidermis, preventing cell renewal which generally occurs at night. “It also makes it difficult for the skin to function properly.”

2. Hydration. Although this step is not as essential as cleansing, it is beneficial to perform especially on dry skin, where you can opt for a moisturizing cream or gel.

“Oily skin also needs to be hydrated,” says Daza. This step is also recommended before applying sunscreen.

3. Photoprotection. “If you have to choose one essential thing in your routine, it’s sunscreen. This is by far the most important because UV rays are responsible for 80% of skin aging,” emphasizes Daza.

Sunscreen should also be chosen according to individual needs. Today the market offers a wide range of this type of product, since there are moisturizing creams, in gel, colored or colorless, with minerals and even in spray or stick form. Daza emphasizes, yes, that “The ideal is that it is SPF 50 and broad spectrum” .

Sunscreen is essential to prevent premature aging of the skin.

The application of this substance must be carried out at least three times a day, every four hours, even in closed places, since UV radiation will arrive in the same way. During this time, during sports or outdoor activities, the product should be applied every two hours.

Professionals agree that sunscreen is essential to reduce the risk of sun exposure. “UV radiation from the sun is absorbed by our skin cells and they are damaged. People who don’t take care of their skin obviously absorb more radiation,” says Sánchez.

The benign effects that the sun can cause on the skin are spots, wrinkles and redness, adds the specialist. “From a medical point of view, excessive and accumulated solar radiation can cause skin cancer, which is very common” .

There are other steps that can be added to the routine, but they are rather optional and will depend on each age. In adults for example, Daza suggests that in the morning it is possible to add to the eye contour, hyaluronic acid or “an antioxidant serum, ideally which contains vitamin C because this will help reduce the effects of skin oxidation due to UV radiation and pollution. .

The same cleansing carried out during the day must be repeated in the evening, in order to remove all the impurities received and leave the face free to use other products that can be incorporated into the nighttime routine. This is when alternatives like retinol, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid can be added, but because these compounds can be irritating to the skin, their use should be gradual.

However, professionals indicate that these last steps can be left aside if you do not want to incorporate them. According to Quezada, Excessive skincare products are particularly problematic among adolescents a situation that has been repeated more and more recently.

“They use too many products that they don’t need, they use hyaluronic acid when they’re in an acne phase, so where they don’t need hydration. The disproportionate consumption of many substances prevents us from realizing what really works,” he concludes.

Source: Latercera

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