Even chocolate: these are the foods that improve your concentration

Nutrition specialists explain which foods can improve activity and concentration in this month when a large part of the population returns to the routine of study or work.

March has arrived. Routine obligations are back and for that you have to prepare. One of the factors that influence a person’s daily activity is directly related to what we eat. By being more awake, more active, it is possible to reinforce this through diet.

This is why nutrition specialists have given advice on improving concentration, alertness and how to stay active during the day. Likewise, the sources consulted mention What are good dishes to avoid so as not to be “slower” during the work or study day.

Even chocolate: these are the foods that improve your concentration

In the words of the nutritionist, Erika Albetman, head of nutrition at the Bupa Santiago clinic , The first thing to recommend is foods containing omega 3. “Specifically, we are talking about docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a major component of brain structure, part of cell membranes and participating in signal transmission and neuronal growth.has helping us improve neuron activity, and therefore concentration and memory “, comments.

They also serve foods like groats; whole grains with no added sugar; legumes like lentils; Chickpeas; beans; quinoa; rye; whole grain rice and noodles. According to Albetman, it is important to include them in main meals, especially breakfast, because they contain complex carbohydrates that help regulate blood sugar and gradually provide substrate to our brain. helping us to concentrate for longer.

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There Nutritionist at Clínica Dávila, Vanessa Villanueva adds that some examples of foods are oily fish like tuna and salmon, nuts, tea, eggs, and fermented foods like kombucha. “These foods contain nutrients that help us repair brain cells and reduce inflammation and cellular stress,” he adds.

Additionally, the consumption of fruits and vegetables containing antioxidants is also recommended, such as raspberry; the strawberry; The kiwi; tomatoes; the cucumber; beet ; prickly pear melon; paprika and watermelon. This, according to what Albetman said, because help prevent premature aging and the development of degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease .

On another sidenuts help concentration because they contain magnesium , a mineral essential for the proper functioning of the brain. Even the lawyer It is also useful for its content of fatty acids and antioxidants.

It should also be mentioned that low water consumption makes it difficult to concentrate and short-term memory, affecting the execution of tasks. “It is recommended to drink 2 liters of water per day, which corresponds to a range between 6 and 8 glasses. », underlines the Bupa nutritionist.

Even chocolate: foods that improve concentration

Ultimately, what should we look for in food to help us stay awake and focused? According to what Bernardita Vignola, nutritionist at Clínica Santa María, said you should favor natural foods, prepared at home and not packaged.

Simply put, you should avoid processed foods because of the amount of hidden sugar they contain, in many cases. Furthermore, It is important to remember that breakfast helps us break the hours of fasting, by providing quality nutrients, essential to start the day in a focused way, so that we can carry out our daily activities.

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And does chocolate help with concentration? Well yes, Bitter cocoa contains the alkaloid theobromine and the amino acid tryptophan, which help maintain concentration. . Villanueva also adds that chocolate contains flavanols, which help improve blood circulation. “The tryptophan it contains is also a natural activator of serotonin, a neurotransmitter known to be responsible for improving mood. which will contribute to better brain health,” he explains.

This, yes, “We do not include chocolate, as the vast majority contain added simple sugars which will produce the opposite effect. “, warns Albetman.

And instead, What foods make people lazy or sleepy during the day? The nutritionist complements this with excessive consumption of foods containing sugars such as sucrose, corn and fructose syrup, maltodextrin, among others. Albetman explains that “These sugars generate a very brief alert effect, subsequently causing a feeling of drowsiness, drowsiness and fatigue. as well as the desire to consume sugary foods again, generating a vicious cycle.

Vignola also adds that foods high in poor quality fats, such as hamburgers, pizza, fried foods, cakes and excess cakes, They cause people to decrease their alertness, reduce their concentration and, therefore, be “slower”.

Food plays an important role in the level of concentration people can have during the day, but it’s not the only one. Good rest and physical activity are essential to regulate functions such as heart rate, blood pressure or respiratory rate, according to specialists. All these actions are essential, Well, if they are malfunctioning, the body will function below normal levels and will not be able to be active.

On the other hand, both during sleep and during physical activity, hormones and other neurochemicals are released that are part of the regulatory cycle of our metabolism, and therefore, they have an impact on being more or less active during the day, they conclude.

Source: Latercera

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