What is the “5 hour rule” and how Bill Gates and Elon Musk apply it to be more productive

The method serves to acquire new knowledge and to promote the realization of ideas, both in the professional and personal sphere.

Curiosity is one of the most present phenomena in the lives of human beings. And this is precisely why the search for knowledge has contributed to the development of multiple creations and ideas throughout history. . This, in different areas and points of interest.

Of course, This not only helps generate new debates, material artifacts and reflections, but also contributes to creativity and continues to promote critical thinking. .

In this way, New approaches arise from information already available .

Although there are many ways to acquire knowledge, one of the most notable is reading .

In this sense, the writer and social entrepreneur Michael Simmons popularized a strategy that promises to help you be more productive and delve deeper into the topics you want .

All that, with the while reading like the cornerstone .

This is the “5-hour rule,” a method applied by tech moguls like Bill Gates And Elon Musk like saved Infobae .

Actually, The passion of the co-founder of Microsoft for this activity is more than known, to the point that he usually comments on his favorite books on his personal blog, Notes on doors .

For its part, The man behind SpaceX, Tesla and X (ex Twitter) also said he was an avid reader and shared his own recommendations .

What is the “5 hour rule” and how Bill Gates and Elon Musk apply it to be more productive. Photo: reference.

What is the “5 hour rule” and what are its phases?

The strategy popularized by Simmons suggests spending at least five hours per week learning, studying, or reading about a specific topic . It may be a topic you already know or one you want to learn more about.

To put it into practice Three phases must be considered .

As expected, The first is to choose a reading that interests you .

Then, when you have defined it and immersed yourself in it, You need to reflect on the content that has been read, in order to organize the ideas and thoughts that have arisen. In the process.

Once the first steps have been taken, We must find ways to apply what has been learned and thus present possible solutions to pre-existing problems. .

If these measures cannot be implemented instantly, you can think of ways to make them viable in the future. .

Although Gates and Musk are known for their work in technology, This can be applied in areas you deem necessary. .

Of course, for this method to be effective, It is essential that the process is integrated as a habit .

SO, Not only can this be useful for aspects such as your professional life, but also for your personal life. .

And by the way, you will have more topics of conversation the next time you want to meet someone.

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