What the new Israeli C-Dome naval defense system looks like and why it was used

The mechanism is similar to that of the famous Iron Dome, used to intercept missiles. The authorities assure that this is the first time that it has been used.

It was this Monday evening that the army of Israel first used its naval defense system known as C-Dôme after a ‘suspicious’ object was identified in the airspace near the city of Eilat .

This mechanism It works in the same way as the so-called Iron Dome that the Israeli armed forces use to intercept missiles. .

The latter is described as a “dome” that protects Tel Aviv and other cities, which It has radars capable of detecting the direction of projectiles. in addition to warning of its future impact.

Once you have identified them, responds by firing interceptor missiles .

In the case of the C-Dome, it operates from 6 German-made Sa’ar corvettes. like saved Infobae .

After the alert, Authorities said target could have been shot and that there were no injuries or damage.

“Overnight, a corvette for the first time successfully intercepted an unmanned aerial vehicle coming from the east using the “Naval Dome” system which crossed the Gulf of Eilat region,” the army said in a statement.

What the new Israeli C-Dome naval defense system looks like and why it was used. Photo: C-Dome / Israeli Army.

What is happening in the Red Sea

The operation is positioned in the middle of a situation in which Yemen’s Houthi rebels have intensified their attacks in the Red Sea .

That led the European Union (EU) to launch the “Aspides” naval mission on February 19 in order to deal with this scenario.

As the organization reported this week, To date, 11 attacks have been neutralized and nearly 70 merchant ships have been escorted. towards safe spaces in the said maritime zone.

The EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, said that “The numbers show how important this mission was” and emphasized that “we are not talking about a game.”

“(The operation) responds to attacks and live fire” he added in statements collected by Europe Press .

At the same time, he regretted that after these two months since the start of the mission, Currently, “only half of the 70 cargo ships that transit the Red Sea daily still use the Suez Canal” .

Check the logs below

Source: Latercera

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