The shocking images that show how the billionaire who seeks to reverse his biological age has changed

Through a series of experimental measures, Bryan Johnson hopes to return to the look and feel he had when he was 18. Here’s what it looks like today.

His name has attracted the attention not only of those interested in Sciences and the technology but also of those who seek to extend their longevity .

Bryan Johnson (46 years old) is the founder of the company Braintree dedicated to payment processing.

However, the tycoon He is best known for the experiments he conducted. This, with the aim of reversing its biological age .

In recent years, the American has chosen to wear an intense exercise routine, accompanied by a very restrictive diet and a long list of remedies and dietary supplements .

With, Advanced medical procedures are applied and constant examinations are carried out .

These are just some of the aspects of his life that he constantly monitors. with the support of a specialized team.

In this way, Johnson invests his fortune to look and feel like he did when he was 18 .

According to him, this gave him results, to the point that He claims his appearance has changed so much each year that “even my Face ID is confused.” .

“I am in transition” he pointed out in a publication by X (formerly Twitter).

Shocking images that show how much the billionaire who seeks to reverse his biological age has changed. Photo: Bryan Johnson.

The changes Bryan Johnson faced

Recently, The businessman posted a series of photographs online which show the changes his body has undergone. according to him.

On the aforementioned social network, he shared an image in which You can see three portraits of him, corresponding to 2018, 2023 and 2024 .

Between the first two, you can see significant differences in their appearance. while in the latter case also, although to a lesser extent.

This triggered a wave of comments on the platform, users who commented on their vision of the experimental treatments they undergo .

On another side, some responded with memes that were reproduced by Johnson .

One of the most striking points is that he additionally conducted an investigation within He openly asked Internet users in which year they thought he reached his “peak”. .

Out of a total of 43,972 votes, 51.3% voted they looked better in 2018 .

Furthermore, 39.3% opted for their appearance in 2024 and only 9.3% were inclined to see what it would look like in 2023.

Check out the images below

Source: Latercera

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