“A good cause”: Carla Jara tells the story of her tattoo

The actress told La Tercera that her tattoo is not real and that she did it for an initiative that seeks to make visible a health problem: the thyroid and the diseases associated with it.

A black butterfly, printed at the center of the neck. This was the tattoo he showed Carla Jara at the start of the week, triggering a big surprise on social networks.

“Life is about changes and today I made one that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Dare, life is short! detailed the actress on her Instagram account.

The message was accompanied by a series of photos in which he posed with his new tattoo, while at his side was Marlon Parra, the artist in charge of the work.

As soon as the post was published, multiple reactions appeared among users: some loved the design and the chosen location, while others hated it. There were also those who doubted whether it was a permanent tattoo, considering that the ink area did not appear irritated in the pictures.

Carla Jara talks about the meaning of her tattoo

In an interview with La Tercera, the former member of Mékano He says his tattoo is not real and he got it as part of a health-related initiative.

“Marlon joined us because the idea was: make it as real as possible to have an impact. Eventually it was achieved, but it was for a good cause,” he says.

Jara’s action was born as part of a campaign, in collaboration with the Merck group, concerning the World Thyroid Day a date which is commemorated this May 25 and which seeks to make visible the importance of this endocrine gland located in the center of the neck. “The tattoo is linked to the butterfly, because the thyroid also has this shape “, explains Jara.

Carla Jara has joined a campaign to make World Thyroid Day visible.

“Checking your thyroid is something not many people do. It’s not under control unless you notice something that is seriously affecting your health. Sometimes we can confuse the signs a bit, like dry hair or brittle nails, so we think a cream will improve it. These are super cosmetic problems, but they could be related to the thyroid,” he adds.

As the actress describes it, This initiative aims to raise a “wake-up call” so that people become aware of the thyroid. and how essential it is to have regular medical checkups to identify if there are any problems.

In Chile, pathologies associated with this gland are common in the population. According to the latest National Health Survey 2016-2017, 1 in 4 people suffer from a thyroid disorder.

Why is the thyroid so important?

Located under the larynx, the thyroid gland plays a key role in health. This is due to the fact The two hormones it produces – T3 and T4 – directly influence body functions, such as maintaining body temperature, regulating metabolism and generating red blood cells.

In addition, during pregnancy, the hormones produced by the thyroid become even more essential because they are involved in the development of the baby’s nervous and brain system.

Cinthia Chareca, medical manager of the Merck group, explains to La Tercera that the main alterations of the thyroid are two: hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. In the first condition, the gland produces more thyroid hormones than it actually needs.

The thyroid is shaped like a butterfly and is located at the base of the neck.

In the second case, a deficiency of thyroid hormones occurs, which leads to a slowdown in metabolism. “When they are in smaller quantities, many symptoms can go unnoticed,” says Chareca.

Fatigue, tiredness, weight changes, constipation, dry skin, weak nails and menstrual disorders , are just some of the signs of hypothyroidism. Because these can be symptoms easily attributable to other clinical pathologies, “people don’t always think that it is due to a thyroid disorder,” explains the specialist.

If these diseases are not treated in time, a series of complications could arise in patients, such as heart problems, high cholesterol, vision problems and osteoporosis, describes Mayo Clinic .

“Our main goal is that people can be diagnosed on time and be able to reach the doctor on time” completes Chareca.

Although it is necessary to prioritize a check-up with a healthcare professional, the Merck Group has also allowed a online questionnaire this could clarify whether certain symptoms could be indicators of a thyroid disorder.

Source: Latercera

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