Kate Winslet reveals why her iconic kiss with Leonardo DiCaprio on the Titanic was ‘a nightmare’

Kate Winslet reveals why her iconic kiss with Leonardo DiCaprio on the Titanic was ‘a nightmare’

The British performer reviewed with Vanity Fair some of the most emblematic scenes of her artistic career. During the interview, he recalled how chaotic his kiss with Leonardo DiCaprio was in James Cameron’s feature film.

Kate Winslet He was 22 when he rose to fame with Titanic (1997), one of the most romantic and beloved productions in cinema history. Even though the British actress has starred in other prestigious films, she is still remembered for playing Rose DeWitt.

During the feature film, several scenes provoke emotion in the viewer, and one of them corresponds to the moment when Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose are on the bow of the RMS Titanic and kiss for the first time .

But according to Winslet, filming that scene wasn’t as magical as it appears on screen.

What Kate Winslet said about her kiss with Leonardo DiCaprio

In a recent interview with the magazine Vanity Fair The 48-year-old actress relived the iconic moment she starred in with DiCaprio and didn’t hesitate to share what happened in the recordings.

“Oh my God. “This is really embarrassing.” It started by telling the story of when Jack and Rose are right at the bow of the famous ship.

As the performer suggested, several factors made the filming complex and one of them was the period clothing she had to wear. “I look at the scene and wonder how I was able to breathe in that tight corset,” she joked.

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Because the scene required very specific lighting conditions, the moment where the couple is on the railing had to be recorded several times. “It was a nightmare recording that, because Leo kept laughing…the sunsets were constantly changing where we were,” he said.

However, the composition was perhaps the most chaotic. “Leo looks completely natural, but there’s a lot of fake tan makeup,” the actress explained.

She had to hide the tools to touch up her and her co-star’s makeup among her own clothes, since the entire shoot took place in an area inaccessible to the crew in that area.

“My God, it’s all romantic, isn’t it?” No wonder every girl wanted to kiss Leonardo DiCaprio.” Winslet joked, later adding that “all was not as it seems.”

The actress also said that every time they kissed DiCaprio, her makeup was running down her face , which quickly made itself felt to the extent that she had to wear lighter makeup. “I had to rewatch it between takes because I ended up looking like I was sucking on a candy bar after every take. “Oh my God, it was a disaster,” he argued.

Despite these drawbacks, Winslet particularly appreciates the film directed by James Cameron. “I’m proud of it, because I feel like it’s a film that continues to be at the top. “Other generations are discovering the film or seeing it for the first time and there’s something extraordinary about that.” concluded the reflection with Vanity Fair.

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