WhatsApp: these are the 3 updates that video calls will have

WhatsApp: these are the 3 updates that video calls will have

The messaging app seeks to improve the audio and video quality of its calls, even if the user has a poor connection or their device is older.

When two people are far apart and want to catch up, one of the most used alternatives is video calls on WhatsApp, which allow you to see each other’s reality in a few seconds.

For this same reason, Meta explored how to improve this tool in the messaging application. One of the changes added months ago was making video calls with up to 15 people.

But it’s not enough. To make the user experience ever more satisfactory, The famous platform will introduce three updates to this section in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp presents updates in its calls section. Photo: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto.

What are the 3 updates of WhatsApp video calls

As described by WhatsApp on your blog one of the important changes coming to the application is that it will be possible to enable screen sharing with audio. The option can be especially useful for those who want to watch videos with other users.

Second, there is the featured speaker , which will allow users to identify which person among all the people present is speaking. This, since it will automatically appear on the screen as happens on the Zoom platform.

The third update is that the number of participants in each video call will increase: Up to 32 will be accepted on any type of device including desktop applications.

WhatsApp also indicated that it is making efforts to improve the quality of audio and video, despite the fact that the user’s conditions are not optimal.

“We recently launched the MLow codec which improves call reliability. With this improvement, from your mobile device you will be able to make calls without noise and echo interference if the environment is noisy, as well as video calls with higher resolution if your connection is faster. The sound is generally clearer, even if your network connectivity is poor or your device is older,” they add.

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